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Weekend Drinking And How It Affects A Person’s Health

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Weekend drinking is a common trend especially when it comes to college students. More or less every student has tried alcohol at least once in their lifetime and for those who have liked the drinking part, have made it part of their weekend ruse. However, this weekend drinking problem is not just amongst students and can also be seen in working adults. However, according to statistics, the trend is not so common amongst them.

For many students, weekend drinking is a way to kick back their shoes and relax, but they do not realize the consequences of what weekend drinking is and how it can affect a person’s body. When it comes to weekend drinking, it is not just going to affect a person’s body in means of a hangover. According to studies, even moderate drinking on the weekends can damage a person DNA, can also increase their oxidized stress levels and can have more cell damage than is seen in normal everyday drinking.

Studies from the UK

According to statistics, the problem of drinking especially amongst young adults is quite prevalent in the UK. This problem exists with the age groups as small as 11 to 21. Accordingly, 44% of the young adults have had alcohol out of which 73% of them have consumed close to an average of 9.6 units of it.

Short term effects of weekend drinking

Alcohol starts to affect the body within 10 to 15 minutes of a person consuming it. The alcohol consumed is broken down by the liver, and the liver only has the capability of breaking down about 1 standard glass of alcohol per hour. Therefore, putting your body through a weekend drinking binge involves more than 1 standard glass of alcohol per hour, it increases the blood alcohol content (BAC) which can seriously affect your system.

Weekend binge drinking effects

  • This sort of binge drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning and can even depress a person’s gag reflex which put a drunk person in danger of choking on their own vomit.
  • Alcohol can make you lose control over your actions and can increase the risks of injuries and in extreme cases even death.
  • Consuming alcohol can cause poor coordination, judgment, and executive functioning.
  • Consuming alcohol can cause irritation and acute inflammation of organs.
  • In addition to the risk of injuries, the consumption of alcohol can even impair the ability of the body to heal itself.
  • Consumption of alcohol can also affect the heart, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, sexual health, etc.

Long term effects of weekend drinking

Irregular binge drinking has short term effects which will go away. However, dwelling into binge drinking on a regular basis can have long term effects as well which could be life-threatening in many cases. Below are mentioned some of the long term effects of weekend binge drinking-

  • Regular drinking can cause one to develop Liver disease.
  • Long term alcohol consumption can increase a person’s risk to develop various types of Cancers.
  • Alcohol consumption can cause inflammation of the liver and cirrhosis.
  • Regular alcohol consumption can affect the cardiovascular system which increases the risks of heart attacks, high blood pressure, and irregular heartbeat.
  • Such consumption of alcohol can affect the various microbes in the body which can affect the digestive system as well as the renal system.
  • Long term binge drinking can affect the immune system, the nervous system, mental health, sexual health, intestines, etc.


From the above, it is prevalent that weekend drinking can have serious consequences on the body. These consequences can be short term as well as long term. If you are a person who likes to knock back a few drinks on weekends, remember as to how this habit can seriously harm your body. Therefore, try and limit your drinking to once a week or never and make sure that you do not go on a binge drinking spree.

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