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The main determinant of a healthy body is a healthy mouth. It helps in alarming a person about the upcoming diseases so that the protection for the same can be taken at the right time. A bad oral health is a clear indicator of the presence of chronic diseases in the human body. So, it is important for a person to keep the mouth clean. In this article, we are going to mention some of the effective ways of having a good oral health.

1)The cuspid is the most important tool for dismantling the food particles for better digestion. So, it is a mandate for every person to keep it clean. The teeth must be brushed well twice in a day. It should be done in a very gentle way. Circular motions can be thrusted upon the surface of the teeth to clean the enamel which will result in the increase in the shine of it. Horizontal motions must be done in between the teeth to remove the food particles, if any. The bristles of the brush must be soft so that it does not hurt the gum area of the mouth.

2)Brushing of cuspid is incomplete without a floss. It helps in cleaning those crevices of the mouth which cannot be cleaned by the brush.

3)Several kinds of cleaning aids like oral irrigators are readily available in the market. Such irrigators help in flushing out the food particles which are stuck up in between the teeth.

4)After the consumption of any kind of sweet item, a person must floss with clean water. Sugary items react with the bacteria present in the saliva thereby resulting in the formation of an acid which can erode the teeth. So, one must floss the mouth with clean and lukewarm water to prevent the chances of getting attacked by any kind of oral problems.

5)The toothpaste used for brushing the teeth should contain fluoride as it helps in the strengthening of the tooth enamel. It also acts as a defensive wall against tooth decay.

6)The tool for taste that is the tongue must not be neglected when it comes to cleaning. A tongue scraper must be used for cleaning the tongue. Soft horizontal movements over it can help in reducing the amount of bacteria present on it.

7)One should use an antibacterial mouthwash to cleanse of the difficult corners of the mouth which cannot be cleaned by the brush. Such liquids have an easy access to the crevices and cleans up the soft tissues which cannot be cleaned using a brush.

8)A person must drink ample amount of water. Water not only helps in keeping one hydrated but also keeps the mouth clean. If a person drinks a glass of water after every food, then, the free particles,if present, can be gulped down in the stomach.

Small alterations in the daily schedule can help in the improvement of the oral health of a person. It can be a boon to a person who tries to follow the above-mentioned suggestions. Consulting a dentist on a regular basis is also recommended for the same.

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