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Tips On How Mindful Eating Could Lead To Losing Weight And Getting Your Dream Body!

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‘Fast’ is the best word to describe almost everything we do in today’s world. Fast food, fast service, and even fast love! This obsession of fast has brought about an age which lacks an essential element of existence – mindfulness. Mindfulness is when you put your focus and feel the present with your body, mind, soul, and consciousness. It is the way that could give meaning to life and also give us balance and more control in our lives.

Eating is now seen more as an act of seeking pleasure and spending time than for what it indeed is, i.e. re-fueling or finding nutrition for the body. The easy access to technology and the food apps that are popping faster than mushrooms are equally responsible for us being unmindful and not watchful of what we put in our bodies.

Mindful eating is almost like meditating as we consciously put proper nutrients into our body as it is quite difficult to fill our bodies with junk while we are aware. It not just keeps track of what we eat but also how, at which pace, and in what way we feed ourselves.

It also helps our body and mind re-access the value of a particular type of foods according to need. This, in turn, leads to eating smaller and healthier portions instead of binge-eating food loaded with sugar, oil, and salt. Mindful eating is a way of life instead of an instant Weight Loss cure or technique.

Few tips to lose weight and stay fit with mindfulness:

  • Avoid unnecessary snacking by taking time to access hunger
  • Take smaller bites that are easier to chew and make sure to chew every bite thoroughly
  • Eat food that does not come in packets
  • Visit the local market and shop with all your senses
  • Stay away from TV and mobiles while eating as it encourages Mindless Eating
  • Understand your body’s patterns and cravings
  • Drink a tall glass of water fifteen minutes before every meal

These were a few easy and simple tips and tricks which could make your more mindful and conscious. Mindful eating has been a part of every culture in some way or the other which now being recognized and acknowledged after years of ignorance. Hopefully, this will encourage you to embrace your true form and existence.

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