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Tips For Prevention of Blood Cancer

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Blood is the life force for human beings. However, this life force can be compromised at times when the claws of cancer grab it. Human blood is comprised of many other elements like a red blood cell and white blood cells and other components.

When any of these components have uncontrolled cell division, it leads to one or the other type of blood cancer. Let us find out what are the different types of blood cancer.

The Main Types And Causes of Blood Cancer Are

Leukemia: In this type of blood cancer, the bone marrow is affected, and the white blood cells grow uncontrollably. It affects the lymph nodes, spleen, liver, testes, and membranes.

Lymphoma: It is a blood cancer type that affects the immune system of the body. It causes inflammation in the neck and around the armpit. Lymphoma affects the lymphocytes of the blood.

Myeloma: This is the type where the plasma cells of the white blood cells of the blood are affected. When there is an overgrowth of plasma cells in the body, there is no room for the normal cells to develop. The bone marrow is affected by this.

Blood Cancer Symptoms

Since blood cancer is of many different kinds, each has its own symptoms. However, a general list of symptoms include;

  • Fatigue or extreme feeling of tiredness
  • Infections that do not heal for long
  • Sudden Weightloss
  • Extremely itchy or itchy skin
  • Recurring night sweats
  • Lumps in various points of the body especially at the nodes
  • Intense pain in the bones and joints
  • Vulnerable muscles and skin that gets bruised easily.

Please note that there are other symptoms as well that varies with the type. These are the most general ones. Never assume anything without proper diagnosis. Always check with an oncologist just to be sure.

Treatment of Blood Cancer

There is no singular treatment to cure blood cancer. It is usually a combination of many. In many cases, intensive treatment may be required.

  • Chemotherapy is considered in very advanced stages.
  • Patients may also need a stem cell transplant to control the growth of unwanted cancer cells.
  • An oral dose of cancer-preventing drugs may be prescribed.
  • High energy radiotherapy is needed in some cases.
  • In rare cases, a spleen surgery may be done to prevent the cancer cells from spreading out from the spleen.
  • Sometimes mild treatment is offered to patients to prevent blood cancer. Mild treatment manages cancer and gives a better life to the patient.

Prevention Blood Cancer

Preventing blood cancer or any other type of cancer is almost similar. You cannot prevent blood cancer completely as doctors are not certain about the causes. But you can definitely remain conscious of your lifestyle so that you can limit your chances of cancer.

  • Stay away from tobacco products. Refrain from smoking as much as possible
  • Reduce extreme sun exposure or take proper measures before spending sun-time
  • Limit encounter with pesticides and carcinogenic substances; consume less red meat or processed meat
  • Manage a healthy weight.
  • Lead a balanced life with proper eating habits; stop consuming excess calorie
  • Stay active and healthy in a general way
  • Resort to plant-based or vegan diet as much as possible

Blood cancer is a very common type of cancer that affects around a million in Indian every year. And millions other worldwide. While cancer is an unpredictable disease, our lifestyle choices are predictable. Everything Health is your guide to make curative choices for your life. Here, you will be guided to manage a healthy lifestyle so that you do not have to face the wrath of terminal diseases like cancer.

You can definitely reduce the risk of blood cancer by taking the above stated preventive measures. A conscious choice today can save your life tomorrow. Spread these words to your near and dear ones so that they are making better choices for themselves.

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