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Things To Keep In Mind For A Sound Sleep

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Adulting is tough in the 21st century. The fast paced life has brought with it the bane of many disorders in our body. Sleep disorder is perhaps the greatest. But good news, it can be tackled. Here’s how….

I miss those days when I would drift off to sleep effortlessly every single time. But after many years of observation I have come to fully understand that sleep works upon a pattern. You need to be aware of your physiology in order to tackle sleep problems. Most people complain that the busy lifestyle or the corporate jobs have snatched our sleep. But is it any good just complaining?

We cannot stop working to get a good sleep. We cannot reverse the fast paced life back to the slower generation. We cannot change our life pattern. So we need to take charge of ourselves and do something to cope with the crisis. As said popularly…

‘Where there is a will there is a way’

So fret not peeps. Just read on o find out how to cope with sleep trouble. But first things first. Below are some pointers to first check if you have a sleep disorder or not.

Symptoms Of Sleeping Disorder

  • You have trouble sleeping even after a hectic day at work
  • You wake up in middle of night for no reason
  • Even the slightest sound wakes you up and then the whole night you toss around in bed
  • On an average you sleep less than six hours a day
  • You have to resort to sleeping pills to fall asleep. Sometime even that does not work!

Well, if you nodded you head to the above pointers, then surely this is the right place to look for. You indeed have a troubled sleep pattern and you will find your sleep problem solutions here.

Sleeping Problems Causes

  • Some underlying chronic illness or disorder like depression, anxiety issues
  • Side effect of medication
  • Jet lag
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Fatigue and over-strain in the body
  • Change of residence or living area
  • Nerve related issues

Apart from these major issues a number of smaller other factors like climate change or caffeine intake can cause sleep disorder.

Sleeping Problems Solutions

Sleeping like a baby is not a distant dream unlike popular belief. Some lifestyle changes and loads of discipline will surely attract sleep back in your life. I believe in the natural way and I have applied them practically to vouch for the results of the remedies given below. 

Diet: Diet is a major factor behind getting a healthy sleep.

  • Reducing the quantity of junk food from your diet will help a lot. Eat loads of green veggies and nuts like almonds on a regular basis. Magnesium rich food has been clinically proven to aid sleep. Avoid as much caffeine and smoking as you can.
  • Eat a light snack thirty minutes before sleep will help you sleep better. The snack should be light and oil free like a cracker dipped in peanut butter.

Natural oil and aroma therapy: Past is the new future when it comes to traditional remedies.

  • For your sleep troubles also you can take the help of lavender essential oil. Take a foot soak every alternate days before going to bed and feel the soothing effect of lavender lull you to sleep.
  • Keeping essential oil in a potpourri in your bedroom will infuse the soothing aroma in your spirit and senses. Inhale and exhale deeply for five minutes for inducing sleep right away.

Technologies at bay: Everyone today knows about the ill-effects of the radiation from the different gadgets we use. But can we control it? Of course you can.

  • Keep your mobile phones and laptops away for at least half an hour before you go to bed. It is highly recommended to keep your phone as far from the bed as possible.
  • Television time should be restricted before going to bed.
  • You can read books instead. They are sleep’s best friends forever.

Exercise: This is something that has no alternative. You must, without any excuse find at least half an hour to exercise every day. Every single day. Be it walking or jogging or even cycling. Trust me, you will definitely see the changes in no time.

Do not struggle to sleep by pressurizing your mind. If you cannot sleep even after half an hour of hitting bed, simply get up. Take a walk around the house, read something and come back. It helps most of the time.

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