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Stages Of Lower Back Pain Treatment

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Back pain is a serious condition that causes a major impact on your lifestyle. Your hobbies, physical activities, daily routine, and career choices are dependent on your health. Individuals who suffer from back pain have a restricted lifestyle.

Back pain is caused either due to an injury or old age. Back pain could be as easy as a muscle strain, or it could be accompanied by ailments like arthritis. A sedentary lifestyle, obesity, poor immunity, and medical conditions are a few reasons why back pain develops.

If we were to talk about lower back pain, which ranges from the spinal cord discs to the nerves in the lower region of the body, it is mostly found in women. Typically for lower back pain, strain, muscle spasm, and hormonal imbalance are major contributors.

Lower back pain intensity could vary from mild to severe, depending on the cause or injury. Below are a few insights on stages, exercises, and therapies for lower back pain:

1. Identification of cause

It is essential to understand the pain and its symptoms. Although lower back pain is very dicey to diagnose, it is identified. A small injury could cause excruciating pain, and big damage would not cause any pain at all. Whatever the intensity is, the consistency of the pain is what helps in identifying the reason. For instance, acute lower back pain remains for 3 weeks. Chronic back pain stays for longer than six weeks. Sometimes, the pain lasts even if the injury is healed. The exercise and therapy for back pain depend on the cause of lower back pain.

Sometimes the pain does not define the injury to understand the Type Of Back Pain you are suffering from. Doctors often suggest getting imaging tests done to diagnose the cause of consistent lower back pain. But, a Causes Of Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease or spinal cord abnormality is often not captured on imaging tests including an MRI or CT. The most difficult stage of lower back pain treatment is its diagnosis. Consult 2-3 doctors to get to the root cause of the medical condition.

2. Finding suitable treatment

The second stage of lower back pain treatment is finding the right medication. Doctors stress on curing the injury to heal back pain quickly. As per diagnosis, several medicines are available in the market to treat lower back pain. For acute back pain, painkillers available over the counter are enough. Individuals suffering from chronic back pain need to opt for heavy doses of medication. In some cases, surgery may be an option.

3. Alternate treatment method : Exercises for lower back pain

These include yoga, stretching, and a few aerobics. While it is advised not to do any strenuous physical activity if you are suffering from back pain, regular activities are encouraged. Activities like swimming, yoga, walk, jogging, and stretching helps relieve back pain. Keep a balance between your physical activities and rest to ensure that your back pain does not flare.

4. Therapy for lower back pain

Therapies help in relieving back pain. It is better to use various therapies instead of starting with medications immediately. For instance, heat therapy relaxes your muscles and reduces any inflammation. Similarly, an ice pack helps in easing your pain and reducing muscle soreness. All therapies have different outcomes.

5. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Follow healthy habits to lead a better lifestyle. For instance, reduce smoking and drinking alcohol Addiction. A good night’s rest is a must. Stop eating junk food and opt for food which provides nutrients, proteins, and other essential vitamins. Build your immunity. Follow a regular exercise routine; do it at least thrice a week. Daily stretching also helps in keeping your muscles active. Proper lifestyle habits help you stay healthy and fit.

6. Reduce stress

Physical and mental stress also develops health conditions, including lower back pain, Meditation, yoga, and massages are a few stress-relieving activities that you should add to your routine. Do not ignore any signs of developing lower back pain. Mental exercise for lower back pain help in reducing stress.

7. Think well

Pain is a sensation that your brain intercepts. It is influenced very much, and each individual has a different threshold of pain. There are some brain exercises that have helped in reducing chronic pain by increasing the threshold of your pain in your brain. These are deep muscle relaxation exercises that can help you feel better.


According to Everything Health, these are some essential insights on back pain that you must know before coming to any conclusion. Back pain is real trouble if not taken care of. It is a complicated condition, as well. Understand it well before starting any treatment.

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