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Sleep Problems? Use These Natural Sleep Solutions

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For a healthy body and mind, three things are very important – healthy food intake, exercise, and good sleep. While we focus on eating the right food and exercising for at least 45 minutes a day, we miss out on getting good sleep.

According to Everything Health, Resting well in the night helps us to recharge the body, both physically and mentally. Poor sleep habits have a negative impact on your hormones, body functioning hampers, and brain cells become slow. Because of a busy lifestyle, people are not concentrating on getting good and restful sleep. Work and stress have led to many cases of sleep apnea, insomnia, and other sleep disorders.

While there are medicines available to treat any sleep disorder, these pills have their own set of side-effects to deal with. In this article, we will discuss 5 natural sleep solutions.

1. Get comfortable

One of the best sleeping tips at night is to make yourself comfortable. This is essential because of the relaxing environment, comfortable beds and mattress, and mellow lighting.

Sleeping on a good mattress is the best remedies for natural sleep and not taking help of medications. It also ensures your body is well rested. People sleeping on a comfortable mattress experience lower back pain and neck pain. It is a good habit to keep changing your mattress every 7-8 years.

A comfortable set-up also includes a clean room and the best ventilation. If you are sleeping in a clean and nice smelling room, you will feel good while going to sleep. Poor surroundings or improper air circulation could disturb you in your sleep.

2. A bath or a shower

After a long-drawn day of work and commute, a relaxing bath or shower could help you in feeling relaxed. It is also a natural sleep solution if you are regularly experiencing an irregular sleep pattern. A hot water bath helps in enhancing your sleep quality as your body feels clean and rejuvenated. If you cannot take a shower in the night, you should at least wash your feet before sleeping. It improves your sleep pattern.

3. Consistent times

A good sleeping tip at night is to have a consistent waking up time. Naturally, your body has a circadian rhythm which follows the sunrise and sunset. If you wake up late in the morning or sleep late in the night, your body functioning is hampered. A remedy for natural sleep is to follow a sleeping and waking up time. It will enhance your sleep quality drastically.

Weekends are the days when you definitely should maintain a consistent sleeping pattern. An irregular pattern on weekends causes poor sleep quality even on weekdays. The irregular sleep patterns affect your circadian rhythm and melatonin level, the two things that control you sleep.

If you cannot control your sleeping times, at least be consistent with your waking up timings. Try to get up naturally, without any alarm.

4. Consumption of caffeine and alcohol

One of the best sleeping tips at night is to cut down any consumption of caffeine or alcohol. These substances disturb your sleep pattern, especially caffeine. A single dose of caffeine could keep you energetic for a couple of hours.

It is advised by medical experts to not consume sleep-depriving substances for at least 4 hours before your sleeping time. Caffeine stays in the blood for a good 4-5 hour at least. If you drink an excessive amount of coffee after 4 PM, you will not fall asleep early. Although alcohol makes you fall into sleep, the sleeping pattern is disturbed, and you do not get a good sleep. Alcohol affects melatonin production, which is a chemical that sends sleep time signal to the brain.

5. Eating and exercise

Usually, exercise helps in inducing sleep. But, your adrenalin amount will increase if you work-out late in the evening. You will feel more energetic and fresh to work instead of sleep. Keep consistent exercise timings which are at least 5 hours before your sleeping time. Perfect time to exercise is early in the morning, 30 to 45 minutes after you wake up.
Similarly, it is a bad habit to eat late in the evening. High carbohydrate content food could affect the release of melatonin. One natural sleep solution is to eat a low-carb diet 4-hours before your sleeping time.

As mentioned above, a healthy sleep pattern helps you to focus on and prevent sleep disorders. Your body functions correctly, and your work quality enhances. These are only a few tips you could use to experience good sleep. Follow them and rest your body well.

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