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Prevention Of Breast Cancer: How To Reduce The Risk

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Breast cancer affects the cells in the breasts. It can occur both in females as well as males, however, it is more commonly seen in females. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer to affect women after skin cancer. Our previous article has covered the types, causes, symptoms of breast cancer. In this article, we will be covering ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer and also a few treatment techniques for breast cancer.

Over the years people have become more aware of breast cancer and this has resulted in more awareness of the disease amongst masses. It has also been a contributing factor of early detection and better treatment techniques which in turn has resulted in a very drastic decline in death rates due to the disease.

There are a few risk factors of breast cancer such as family history which cannot be changed. However, there are other risk factors of breast cancer, as is mentioned further in the article and lifestyle changes you can make to reduce the risks.

How Can You Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer

According to research, women who are even at high risk of getting breast cancer can help reduce the risk of breast cancer by making certain lifestyle choices/changes.

Limit Your Alcohol: The more alcohol one consumes, the risk of developing breast cancer becomes greater. It is best to limit yourself to not more than one drink a day, or even rarely or never.

No Smoking: According to different studies, there has been evidence found that especially in premenopausal women, smoking can be a high contributing factor of developing breast cancer.

Control On Weight: The risk of developing breast cancer increases in women who are overweight or obese. This is greater in women who put on weight after menopause.

Physical Activity: Physical activity can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. It helps you in maintaining a weight that is healthy. According to studies, every adult should work out already for 150 minutes in a week and also include strength training in it.

Breast Feeding: Breastfeeding can help prevent the development of breast cancer. According to studies the longer women breastfeed, the greater the chances of reducing the development of breast cancer.

Duration Of Hormone Therapy: If you are into hormone therapy that has been going on for over 3 to 5 years, the risk of developing breast cancer increases. Try subjecting yourself to medications and non-hormonal therapy rather than hormone therapy. Even if you are still considering hormone therapy, keep your doctor in the loop and take his advice as to when to stop.

Avoid Radiation And Polluted Environment: Making sure that you only have to come in contact with radiation when absolutely necessary can help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Also making sure that you continue to live in a clean environment can also help reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Prevention Of Breast Cancer: Healthy Diet

As is mentioned above, having a healthy weight can help prevent the development of breast cancer. This means that it includes healthy eating to reduce breast cancer. Eating healthy can also ensure that you do not develop other medical conditions such as heart strokes, diabetes, etc.

Breast Cancer And Birth Control

According to studies, oral contraceptives affect hormone levels in one’s body and may increase the risk of developing breast cancer. However, the risk is said to be minimal and further decreases when you stop taking such contraceptives. Always discuss your contraceptives options with a medical professional before taking them.

Treatment Of Breast Cancer

Treatment Of Breast Cancer is mostly based on the stage at which the cancer is. In most cases wherein there is early detection, the doctors recommend surgery wherein the entire tumor, as well as tissue around the tumour, is also removed just in case. In case, the breast cancer is at later stages the doctors would recommend surgery as well as systematic therapy prior to the surgery called neoadjuvant therapy.


From the above mentioned, it is quite clear that there are a lot of factors that could contribute towards the development of breast cancer. However, making some lifestyle changes/choices can reduce the risk of development of breast cancer even in the most high-risk women. Early detection and treatment of breast cancer have now become possible because of an increase in the knowledge of the disease all around.

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