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Parents, Here’s What Can Be Done For Your Kid’s Fast Food Addiction?

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What is junk food and how kids get addicted to it?

Junk food refers to food and drinks which are low in nutrients count (e.g. minerals, fibre, and vitamins) and high in saturated fats, kilojoules, added salt and sugar. They are also popularly called as discretionary choices. Junk food in actual isn’t made of garbage. Some people generally prefer using junk food in order to describe food which has lesser nutrients content which the body requires, and a lot of sugar, salt, and fat. Food items like potato chips, burger, pizza, candy, ice cream, and soft drinks all fall under the category of junk food.

How junk food attracts kids?

Junk food may look appealing for different reasons, including presentation, price, taste, and convenience. For kids, who do not know consequences on health behind their regular junk eating habit, junk may look appetizing. However, frequently consuming fattening items can be very addictive for kids and can lead to several complications such as chronic illness, obesity, Depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem as well as can affect their performance in studies and other extracurricular activities.

In order to attract kids, junk food selling establishments are generally located in a way of setting which promises exciting moments and fun. The bombardment of various appealing food advertisements, big billboards, all plays a role in making small kids excited about them. Many joints and restaurant in order to attract more and more kids offer free toy gift with the meal. The toys offered by restaurants are either popular cartoon character or related to any superhero. Regularly consumption of junk food leads to addiction to junk food in kids.

What are some of the tips to overcome junk food addiction?

In most cases, parents concern is that their kids have no control over eating habits and they consume a lot of fried, high-calorie, or instant foods. Below are some common tips which help overcome junk food addictions.

  • Start young

Every parent from the very first day should focus on their child’s eating habits. Knowledge and habits when two are combined together help kids understand the importance behind healthy food habits. During outings when a child observes people consuming unhealthy junk food, explain to him/her why that food is unhealthy and what it can lead to.

  • Focus on positive influencing and modeling

There is a strong environment as well as psychological influence on kids eating habits. Setting positive modeling has shown many effective results in preventing fast and junk food consumption.

  • First becoming a role model

Kids learn a lot from their parents especially by observing. To develop and encourage a child it is important parents focus on their healthy eating habits. Hold family discussions on eating and consuming only healthy food items. 

  • Develop a conducive environment

Aunts, grandparents, uncles, and elder cousins play a big role in eating decision of a young member in the family. They often offer chips, ice-creams, and chocolates to the youngest member. Make a plan with them and everyone on the board to promote healthy eating habits and restrict all unhealthy food.

  • Preparing healthy school lunchbox

Most children develop bad eating habits by purchasing snacks and lunch from the canteen. In some cases, children spend their pocket money buying food from the school canteen and ignoring the healthy lunch box. These two points should keep in check to make sure he/she is eating nutritious and healthy lunchbox.

  • Involve your child in grocery shopping and making the buy healthy foods

The best way to make any child learn about healthy foods is by taking them out on grocery shopping and making them read labels and nutrition values in the different food item. Avoid buying ready to eat pasta, noodles, or popcorns. The grocery shopping experience will help increase knowledge about the benefits of nutritious food or Everything Health.


There is no tricky solution to the problem of addiction. There is no mental or magic trick, no supplement out there. In order to fight with addiction, it is important for any child to understand and control their consumption, as it is the best way to avoid these kinds of habits completely and to fight against addiction.

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