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Oral Health- The Predictor of Diseases

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The processing of the food starts from the mouth. So, in order to improve the digestion of it, people must take proper care of the oral area of their body. It can help to prevent the entry of unwanted diseases which causes discomfort to our body. The careful check up of the mouth by a dentist can help to detect or predict the entry of any kind of disease in the human body.

Saliva: The actual predictor

If a small amount of saliva can be tested in the laboratory, it can help in the revelation of the overall condition of the body. Now the question is why saliva. It is an important pigment which helps in the partial digestion of the food. Saliva also contains several elements, the levels of which help in the detection of the disease.

● If a person wants to ascertain the stress response of an infant, the level of cortisol present in saliva should be checked.
● If the doctor finds some amount of bone specific proteins in the saliva, he or she will be easily able to detect whether the person is going to suffer from bone related problems in the near future or not.
● Saliva is a useful indicator of HIV infection, presence of illegal drugs and toxins in the human body.

Saliva: The Protector

Saliva acts as a protective wall against various disease causing viruses and bacteria. The antibodies present in it helps in the defense of the viral pathogens which causes HIV and cold. Histatin is a kind of protein present in the saliva which hinders the growth of natural fungus also known as Candida albicans. When the levels of histatin goes down due to the presence of any kind of disease, an uncontrollable growth of the fungus occurs which results in an infection called oral thrush.

Mouth: The door

The mouth is a kind of door through which the easy entry of several kinds of diseases generally occur. If a person does not brush regularly or floss properly, there are chances of getting attacked by various diseases. The teeth must be kept clean as it is the main tool for the dismantling of the food particles. A tooth decay, cavities or any other dental issue must not left uncared. Immediate attention should be given to it by visiting a dentist. Such dental problems might result in giving birth to several diseases in the human body.

The above-mentioned reasons for the maintenance of a good relationship between the Oral Problems health and the overall health of the body are sufficient to alert the people about their wellness. Taking good care of the teeth, gums and mouth can provide a healthy well being to a person.

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