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Myopia/ Nearsightedness- Cure Isn’t Guaranteed, But, Lowering Down Its Effect Is Possible!

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Are your child’s eyes getting worse? Or did your doctor inform you that your child has myopia? If so, then it’s imperative to understand its origin and remedies of prevention. Myopia or nearsightedness is ordinarily inherited, and hence, it isn’t possible to entirely prevent it; however, doctors say that it is viable to slow down its progression through medications and other practices. Here are the top four methods of myopia control that have proved their significance in several studies:

  • Orthokeratology

It is a method which involves placement of Ortho-K lenses (similar to contact lenses) in the eyes while the patient is asleep. It is also referred to as OrthoK or CRT. The science behind this method is that the accessories exert gentle pressure on the cornea or the surface of the eye with the objective of molding the outer layers. This, in turn, forms a lens like an effect all through the daytime. Several peer-reviewed studies prove this method as one of the effective ones in the reduction of myopia.

  • Bi-Focal and Multi-Focal Eyeglasses

These eyeglasses have special lenses that contain different powers in different zones of the lenses and are considered as an efficient means to rectify nearsightedness. Studies have observed that it is helpful for children to wear different lenses for distance and near if they have specific eye-muscle positioning (esophoria). Bifocal eyeglasses are considered the most effective ones in cases where children with esophoria are too young to follow other modes of correction.

  • Medication- Atropine Eye Drops

Atropine leverages short-term, but, useful results. When regularly used over time as prescribed by an ophthalmologist, atropine reduces the progression of myopia. It is imperative to note that, though the benefits of this drug, it has some side effects as well. Hence, consult your ophthalmologist before using this medication.

  • Contact Lenses

Several scientific studies have revealed that using contact lenses holds the eye power at a constant figure. If your child is young enough to use contact lenses, then you can adopt this method to prevent the progression of myopia. Similar to multifocal lenses in eyewear glasses, contact lenses are also multifocal. These also have different powers in different zones of the lenses. Researchers and eye specialists have identified contact lenses as useful accessories with regard to myopia control.

Key Take Away

Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts in the human body. It is highly recommendable to seek advice from an expert ophthalmologist before incorporating any method of myopia control. Though, the above-listed methods are useful, however only when prescribed. Not all children have a similar case. None of these methods are approved by the FDA; however, researchers have proven their case with these solutions.

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