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Mindless Eating- Jeopardy or Just a Harmless Habit?

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Mindless eating isn’t healthy. You’re not supposed to find yourself searching for something to eat now and then. Because you’ve earlier ditched the correct way to eat (kindled by other environmental and psychological factors), you’ve landed up in an eating disorder i.e. mindless eating.

What is Mindless eating?

As the term suggests, it is the absence of ‘mind’ while you’re eating something. Blame your lifestyle, profession or honed up bad-habit, mindless eating is not something that should be continued. It is eating while you’re not aware you’re eating.

Oh! It’s not good. What are the implications?

If you are absent-minded while skimming an essential lesson from your academics, you will end up forgetting what you’ve read. Mindless eating affects similarly. Just in this case you won’t take the book and start reading. Here you’ll repeatedly find yourself looking for something to eat (despite you’ve eaten but mindlessly), and therefore you’ll overeat.

Okay. Please tell me in more details?

There’s nothing wrong in eating more unless you want to pump up. If that is your motive, you are well off. But if you’re concerned of your weight gain and body shape, then you’d like to put a toll on what you allow through your esophagus. When you mindlessly eat, your brain fails to note what all you ate. This is like your brain telling- “uh….did you eat something?” Therefore, it signals you to eat another helping of food (you feel hungry) despite you ate earlier but mindlessly. This is the implication.

OMG! I want to prevent this. How am I supposed to?

Well, by being mindful when you eat. It is highly essential that you create enough memory of what you’ve eaten, while you’ve eaten. Brian Wansink, PhD in his book Mindless Eating stated how environmental and psychological factors enact upon our eating patterns. Some of his key findings suggest- people tend to eat more from a larger container, labelling and packaging of products define taste perception, the larger the meal, the less accurate calorie count among many others. Therefore, you’ve got to start taming your eating habit.

You can do the following to stop Mindless eating-

  • Eat at the same time and place, no matter what. This will regularize your imbalanced eating pattern.
  • A little moment showing gratitude to the food can do wonders. This ensures best eating memory is created.
  • Only eat, while eating. Put aside anything digital and distracting. Being mindful is the best dodge to mindless eating. This also checks your food choices.
  • Initially, prevent snacking. Yes. Even if it pains. This will escort your uncontrolled eating urge to a restrained stature.
  • Instead of eating, try sipping. Good for you. Bad for your unwanted eating urge.
  • Shrink the size of your platters and glasses. This will help you limit your intake.
  • Avoid stockpiling your pantry to prevent the urge to eat more.

These were the few scientifically and psychologically backed guidance you can follow to prevent mindless eating.

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