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Mental Health Effects Of Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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Breast cancer is the most common cancers that develop in women. It affects males as well, but females are at a higher risk of developing cancer. Anyone who has breast cancer or has been successfully treated from it knows that it is not only the physical hardships that come along with it. A diagnosis of breast cancer can affect you mentally as well.

The main reason for mental illnesses attached to breast cancer is that the treatment, though lifesaving, can leave the woman depressed, anxious or lonely. Women with breast cancer should know that there is multiple support group to help them cope as well as how the medical field is constantly making innovations to make the treatment process better and more efficient. Now, let us dig deep into what are the mental effects of breast cancer.

How breast cancer negatively affects your mental health

As mentioned above, a diagnosis of breast cancer can have a heavy toll on you. However, always have hope. Breast cancer is treatable 95% of the time. However, your mental health is very important to maintain while being treated for breast cancer as it gives you the strength to deal with the rigorous treatment.

Everything Health says ensuring that you look out for the mental symptoms of breast cancer diagnosis, can be very beneficial for your breast cancer treatment. Below are mentioned a few mental effects of breast cancer on your health.

Mental Effects Of Breast Cancer

  • Anxiety: Anxiety is very common in women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The anxiety can range from telling loved ones, or worrying about being able to handle the treatment.
  • Depression: A breast cancer diagnosis can often make someone really depressed as well. Even to the point of having doubts about what you could have the right not to have gotten breast cancer. Depression could also make you have suicidal feelings, but all you need to do is fight and know that it will be okay in the end.
  • PTSD: Women who develop or also who have had successful Treatment Of Breast Cancer are also at risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder, and according to studies, the symptoms of PTSD may remain for more than a year as well.
  • Decrease in confidence: While getting treated for breast cancer, the body of a woman goes under drastic changes. Therefore, you may even feel a decrease in the level of your confidence due to body image issues.

Therefore, make sure to look out for such mental effects of breast cancer diagnosis and always remember that your loved ones will always be there to help you through this tough time.

How mental health can affect physical health

A breast cancer diagnosis can leave a person quite traumatized. However, you need to know that mental conditions can severely affect your physical as well as emotional health. It has also been noticed that women who develop mental illnesses after breast cancer diagnosis are at a higher risk of death even during the treatment stages.

Having PTSD will make a woman feel chronic aches even after treatment and mental health can affect many things that you can do to ensure that your treatment is successful but which is prohibited by your mental illness.

Seeking support for a breast cancer diagnosis

You can always find support in your doctor’s, therapists, family, and friends. If you find yourself vulnerable to your breast cancer diagnosis, you can visit a therapist as he or she can help you cope through it. You should even encourage yourselves to attend support groups with various other women who have been affected as it can help in making you understand your feelings better.

If you are a caregiver, ensure that you are able to take care of yourself as well. Knowing that a loved one is going through something like this can be painful, and it can affect your mental health. With a positive attitude, you can make a huge difference in your loved one’s treatment journey.

Self-care after breast cancer is the most important. Making sure that your focus is treatment is what will help you cope with how the diagnosis affects you mentally. As you may have read, you can help yourself the most.


Breast Cancer In Women can affect women physically as well as mentally. A few mental effects of breast cancer are anxiety, depression, and PTSD. For your treatment to be successful, it is very important that you have a focus on your mental health as well. It is your mental health that will help you cope with the news as well as the one that will make sure that you do everything possible to have a successful treatment. Also always remember that there are people out there who can help you with your mental health and all you have to do is seek for it.

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