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Leading A Pain Free Life With Neck And Back Pain Remedies

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Neck and back pain is the direct result of our constrictive life style. Sitting long hours, mostly in the wrong posture has taken its toll on our neck and back. Our spinal cord is quite flexible and if you constantly sit in the wrong posture, it takes the wrong shape.

Look around and you will find even school going kids with a crooked back. Misaligned spine is a very common problem now a days. But what to do about it? Like, I always say, your health is in your hands. You have to first acknowledge the problem and then take necessary steps to solve it.

So lets us take a look at the various reasons why you experience back and neck pain:

  • Underlying migraine headache causes neck pain
  • Strain or injury to the spine causes neck and back pain
  • Pregnant mothers experience post-delivery neck and back pain
  • Sitting in the wrong posture for long hours every day
  • Arthritis in the joints causes pain in the neck and back
  • Poor blood circulation due to underlying diseases  is another cause
  • Poor sleeping posture or a bad mattress

Medication to relieve neck and back pain:

  • Usually over the counter medication like ibuprofane is taken when pain reaches beyond tolerance.
  • Massage oil or pain relieving balm or other topical ointment is used to relieve pain temporarily.

The above stated medications are not the long term solutions to neck and back pain. Most doctors are of the view that exercise is the best way to control pain in the neck and back areas. If your pain is the result of injury then:

  •  Injuries will require you to rest
  • Lie down on your back and restrict movement until pain eases
  • Use a cold compress on the affected area.

If the pain is the result of poor posture, then exercise is the best solution. Stretching in between work hours and doing some simple exercise will alleviate the pain to a great extent. Below is stated some simple neck stretches that will ease the pain. You can do it while sitting at work.

Exercise 1:

Rotate your head in a clock wise direction for three times. Now rotate your head anti clockwise for three times. Repeat the set thrice. Remember to do this exercise very slowly as you might feel a reeling sensation otherwise.

Exercise 2:

Sit straight up. Out your right palm over your right cheek such that your elbows are parallel to your ear. Now push your palm toward the cheek and try to push you head towards the palm such that opposite forces work. Repeat the same with the left palm and cheek. This exercise provides immediate relief to the neck.

Do the same on your forehead and back. Apply opposing pressure and see the magic.

Exercise 3:

Tilt your head back as much as possible. You might feel a tense neck. It might even pain. But hold the posture for a few seconds. Now bring your head forward and hold it for another few seconds. Repeat it as a set for three times.

Now tilt your head sideways and stretch as much as you can, on left side first and then on the right side. Repeat as a set for three times.

P.S: The above stated exercise must be done slowly. Neck is a very sensitive region and has many nerve ending. Do not hurry and take it slowly.

That was for your sitting exercise. Now when you reach home, lie down and do this simple exercise to ease back ache while lying down.

Lie on your back. Stretch your arms on both the side so that they are in a straight line with your shoulder. Now stretch your legs apart. Breathe in and out in this posture for two minutes. Now slowly bend and turn you right leg over the left leg so that you feel a pressure in your back. Keep your arms stretched and turn your head towards the right.

Now take your left leg over your right leg in the same way. Turn your head towards the left side with your arms stretched. This exercise again uses the counter force method to ease the stiffness in your back.

Master exercise to realign your spine and neck:

This should take just ten minutes daily and you will be benefitted immensely. Just choose any flat wall. Stand straight against the wall. Keep your head, shoulder, waist, hips and toes stuck against the wall. You will have to simply stand straight for ten minutes daily. Initially you will feel pain and discomfort to stand. But as your spine starts to become aligned you will feel much better.

Thus, you can get rid of your neck and back pain even without medication. Just try these simple exercise and see the result for yourself. Always first consult your doctor before starting with the exercise. It is very important to know the reason of your back pain.

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