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Know The Types Of Breast Cancer And Its Diagnosis

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One of the most common cancers detected in women is Breast Cancer. In these recent years, there has been a lot of awareness raised about Breast Cancer and its symptoms among both men and women.

Everything Health says some of the best of world celebrities have gone through chemotherapy and come out of breast cancer successfully. Many women have undergone surgeries to get their breasts removed to treat cancer. It is a psychological loss for them as it changes their appearance. Yet, women are being supported and informed about this fatal cancer. Early breast cancer diagnosis, a personalized treatment, and a better understanding of cancer have reduced the number of deaths due to the disease.

Breast cancer is further classified into different types based on their occurrence and intensity. Diagnosis and treatment are possible once the type of cancer is identified.

Types of Breast Cancer

1. Carcinomas based breast cancer

Carcinomas are tumors starting in the epithelial cells and tissues found in the breast lining. They are the cause for commonly diagnosed breast cancer, namely ductal carcinoma (in situ), invasive ductal carcinoma, and invasive lobular carcinoma.

  • Ductal Carcinoma (In Situ) – It is a non-invasive type of breast cancer wherein the cancer cells do not spread to other organs. It usually starts in the cells and tissues lining the milk ducts. Ductal carcinoma is not fatal, but it could be a cause for developing invasive breast cancer lumps in the future. Ductal Carcinoma has no prominent symptoms. A few affected women have an experienced formation of lumps or discharge of a white liquid from the nipples. To treat Ductal Carcinoma, either the lumps are removed, or in some cases, mastectomy, removal of breasts is done to avoid risks of developing invasive cancer again.
  • Invasive ductal carcinoma – It is the most common breast cancer which has spread from the duct glands to the surrounding breast tissues. This types of cancer can affect women at any age, although it occurs mostly in women aged over 45 years. A mammogram helps in diagnosing an invasive ductal carcinoma. Breast surgery and chemotherapy are two commonly available Treatment of Breast Cancer for this type of breast cancer.
  • Invasive lobular carcinoma – It is the second most common type of breast cancer. The affected area is the milk-producing lobules in the breasts. The cancer cells develop in these lobules and start spreading to the milk ducts and other breast tissues. Surgery and Chemotherapy
    Treatment For Cancer
    are the best treatment options for an Invasive lobular carcinoma as well.

2. Rare type of breast cancers

There are some cancers detected in very few cases. These are rare, and the diagnosis of such breast cancer is very difficult. Some of the rare breast cancers are inflammatory breast cancer, Paget disease, Phyllodes tumor, and Angiosarcoma.

  • Inflammatory Breast Cancer – It is an uncommon type of cancer which does not form any lumps or tumors. It occurs in younger women, especially the ones who are obese or overweight. This type of cancer becomes aggressive quickly, and it often invades to other breast tissues until its detection. Breasts swell, redden, and feel warmer at the first stage of this cancer. Chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation are the only treatments possible for inflammatory breast cancer.
  • Paget Disease – This type of cancer starts in the milk ducts and spreads to the skin of the nipple (up to the areola). A woman can feel her nipples swell, redden, and discharge a milky white substance in the first stages of this cancer. A lumpectomy or a mastectomy are done to treat this kind of cancer. Paget disease is also an underlying cause of getting invasive breast cancer again.
  • Phyllodes tumor – This is a rare type of cancer which develops in the breast tissue instead of the milk ducts or lobules. Almost all the phyllodes tumor are non-cancerous in nature, yet sometimes they turn malignant. It can occur at any age and are diagnosed by a mammogram. Incisions are made to remove these tumors, cancerous or otherwise.
  • Angiosarcoma – This is the rare type which starts in the cells of blood or lymph vessels. It is sometimes a result of any prior radiation therapy for breast cancer. As it is aggressive, quick surgery is required to treat Angiosarcoma.

These are types of breast cancer that are commonly or rarely diagnosed in women. They show common symptoms like swelling of breasts, reddening of nipples, a pain the breast, itching, and discharge from the nipples. If you are showing any of these symptoms, get a mammogram done, and visit a doctor at the earliest. Early detection is the key to treat breast cancer.

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