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Know the Real Myths, Facts, and Risks Involved with Smoking

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Along with some facts and risks associated with cigarette smoking, there are also many myths concerning it, which are either false or twisted. Are you supporting your smoking addiction or inability to quit smoking habit due to any particular claim? With this blog post, we will separate facts from illusions. Additionally, we will clarify the real risks of both casual and frequent smoking to your health.

Myths and Facts about Smoking

By Everything Health Here are the common myths and facts of smoking to combat the various falsehoods and misunderstandings about smoking and tobacco products:

Myth: Trying smoking once is no major ordeal.

Facts: Just one-time inhalation of tobacco smoke can start harming your body.

Myth: Filters make cigarettes safe to smoke.

Fact: Filters don’t secure you. They make smoke particles little which make nicotine easier to retain, and builds addiction.

Myth: Cigarettes help individuals in fighting stress.

Fact: It is the harmful substances present in the cigarettes that relaxes the mind and de-stresses up a smoker.

Myth: It is not harmful to smoke low-tar or menthol cigarettes.

Fact: Smokers who utilize these types of cigarettes will, in general, get more addicted to cigarettes.

Myth: Smoking is just a threat to your lungs

Fact: Smoking additionally causes great harm to your veins, which can prompt cardiovascular and hypertension ailment.

Myth: The only risk to women who smoke is unexpected labor.

Fact: Smoking makes it harder for a woman to conceive, causes ectopic pregnancy, increases the danger of miscarriage, and low birth weight.

Myth: When a person has smoked for some time, his or her body system is, as of now, damaged permanently.

Fact: When smokers start quitting it produces immediate results. In a few days, weeks or months, blood pressure and heart rate come back to normal levels, lung and circulation performance enhance, smell and taste show signs of improvement, coughing declines, and boosts life expectancy.

Myth: Smoking makes you look hot.

Fact: Men who smoke have a more severe risk of erectile dysfunction.

Risks of smoking

Tobacco smoke is astonishingly dangerous to your health. The substances you inhale don’t simply affect your lungs. They can even impact the whole body. There is no safe route to smoke. Substituting your cigarette with a cigar, hookah, or pipe will not aid you to dodge the health risks. Here are the health risks involved with smoking:

The lung cancer risk in men by 25 times and women by 25.7 times.

  • Smoking damages your heart and blood circulation, raising your risk of contracting conditions like coronary heart disease, stroke, damaged blood vessels and arteries that provide blood to your brain.
  • Smoking can further worsen the symptoms of respiratory conditions like asthma and tuberculosis.
  • Men and women smokers alike can suffer from infertility issues.
  • Passive smoking, that is when someone else smokes around you also increases your risk of acquiring similar health conditions as smokers.
  • Smoking can lead to bones and teeth loss.
  • Smoking slows the sense of taste and smell which ultimately prompts loss of appetite.

Harmful substances in cigarettes cause early aging.

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