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Know The Causes Of Oral Health Problems To Avoid Cavity

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To live a healthy life, your body should be fit and infection-free. The health of your teeth, mouth, gums, and tongue are also of utmost importance.

Brushing your teeth regularly is not an assurance of good oral health. There are some underlying causes of oral health problems which you should be aware of to prevent health issues. Main causes of oral health problems include smoking cigarettes, eating food and drink high on sugar content, changes in hormones, acid reflexes, genetics, and bad brushing routine. These result in forming dental cavities in your mouth. Your mouth has bacteria, fungi, and viruses in smaller quantity. When the amount of bacteria increases due to the above causes, it secretes an acid that could harm teeth enamel and cause cavities.

According to Everything Health, the main symptoms of bad oral health are teeth ache, bleeding gums, and bad breath. The increased bacteria could enter the bloodstream even. This leads to infections, diseases, and inflammation in the body. Below is a list of 10 crucial diseases caused by the negative implications of oral health:

1. Heart-related ailments

Poor oral health can result in a condition known as atherosclerosis. It is a serious cardio-vascular ailment in which the bacteria from gum infections infect the blood and harden the arteries. It hampers blood flow and could also cause heart blocks. The damage to arteries could further lead to Hypertension or a heart stroke.

2. Loss of memory

The bacteria and fungi developed in bleeding gums could damage brain cells and cause memory loss. This happens when your body suffers from gingivitis – a condition in which the bacteria in your mouth infects your blood.

3. Infections in your respiratory system

Your respiratory system could suffer from poor oral health as well. The bacteria from your mouth could travel to your airway and lungs. This could cause infections in the respiratory tract, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.

4. Diabetes

Gum diseases could increase the blood sugar which in turn has a negative implication on diabetics. Diabetics have to keep their mouths healthy to prevent any further flaring of their condition.

5. Complications during pregnancy

As mentioned above, hormonal changes could develop oral infections. Pregnancy is the period when a woman goes through several hormonal changes in her body. During this time, any infection in the body could be harmful to the health of the mother and the baby. It is important for expected mothers to keep up good oral health practices. In extreme cases, oral health issues lead to premature delivery of babies and low weight of babies.  

6. Fertility issues

Oral health issues linked to infertility, especially in women. Gum diseases could make it hard for a woman to conceive a child. In some cases, gum diseases make it difficult to sustain a pregnancy. This is because of the bacteria from the gum diseases that make their way to the bloodstream, saliva, and hormones.

7. ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Erectile dysfunction is observed in men who suffer from chronic periodontal disease (CPD). This is a condition in which gums deplete forming empty pockets filled with bacteria. The bacteria then spread to the adjacent bones. It also causes inflammation In the blood vessels that block the blood flow to men’s penis. This is how gum diseases lead to erectile dysfunction.

8. Cancer

Smoking and intake of tobacco cause mouth cancer. Bad oral health can lead to mouth, throat and other types of cancers as well. As oral bacterium infects the blood, it could cause blood cancer.

9. Kidney Infection

Oral health issues weaken the immune system of your body. You are more prone to infections, especially blood infections that cause problems in your kidney.

10. Arthritis

People with oral health issues are more susceptible to rheumatoid arthritis. This is because of the inflammation caused by the bacteria once it spreads in the body.

Oral Health Issues Prevention

There are medical treatments for oral diseases, but there are some prevention tips to avoid gum decay in the first place. Practicing good oral hygiene is the best possible way to avoid any serious infections. To avoid getting any treatment for oral diseases, practice the following tips to prevent health issues:

  • Practice regular brushing of teeth, at least twice a day.
  • Use floss to remove bacteria.
  • Avoid excess smoking or tobacco.
  • Use a good toothpaste.
  • Do not consume excess sugar.

Good oral health is a sign of a healthy body. You should work on having clean teeth and healthy gums to avoid cavity and gum diseases. It is a good habit to care for your mouth as much as you for other vital organs of your body.

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