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Know The Causes And Treatment Of Ear Infection In Adults

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An ear infection is quite common; however, they are quite common in children. Usually, adults do not get ear infections; if they do, it is usually a sign of a serious underlying condition.

Ear infections in children are usually minor, and they pass quickly, however in adults, these infections can exist for a long time, and if not treated well within time, it could result in hearing impairment or the spreading of the infection to the other parts of the head. Therefore, if you note any of the symptoms as mentioned below, visit the doctor immediately and look for treatment plans that would suit you the best.

Ear Infection Causes

Bacterial infections are the main ear infection causes. One can get an infection in any of the 3 parts of the ear, that is, the outer part, the middle part or the inside part. Now, as to which kind of ear infection you get is based on how one gets infected.

  • Outer ear: outer ear infections are caused due to water being left behind after a bath or a swim. This acts as a breeding ground for the bacteria to grow.
  • Middle ear: Middle ear infections are usually caused due to the swelling of the eustachian tubes. The swelling usually occurs when these tubes which supply air pressure to the ear swell up and are not able to drain excess fluid.
  • Inner ear: An inner ear infection usually means that there may be a case of inflammation. Such inflammation could be caused due to multiple reasons, but it is not a bacteria caused infection.

Symptoms Of Ear Infection

As mentioned above, there are 3 classes of ear infections. The 3 types have different symptoms attached to them, as well. The following are the symptoms of ear infections

  • Outer ear: As mentioned above, outer ear infections are caused due to the water left behind after a bath or a swim, and it is acting as a breeding ground for the bacteria to grow. The symptoms of outer ear infections are-
    • Pain
    • Tenderness
    • Redness
    • Swelling
  • Middle ear: Due to the sweeping up of the eustachian tubes, swelling develops at the back of the eardrum. You may have the following symptoms, and they can also be accompanied by a fever.
    • Earache
    • The feeling of fullness in the ear
    • Fluid drainage from the affected area
    • Trouble hearing
  • Inner ear: As mentioned above, inner ear infections are usually inflammations not caused by bacteria. Keeping this in mind, some of the symptoms are-
    • Pain
    • Nausea
    • Dizziness
    • Vomiting

Treatment Of Ear Infection

The treatment of ear infections also depends on the area in which the infection has been caused, and the treatment can be as follows.

  • Inner ear infections
    • Medication: You can buy over the counter pain medication that can help relieve the pain as well as reduce the inflammation.
    • Ear drops: Ear drops can directly be used to help reduce the inflammation.
  • Middle ear infections
    • Medication: over the counter pills or prescribed pills, having properties for pain relief or anti-inflammation can be used to cure middle ear infections.
    • Ear drops: Ear drops can directly be applied to the affected area, which can help in reducing the swelling behind the eardrums or help in draining of the excess fluid.
    • Autoinsuffulation: This is an exercise wherein you put to work your eustachian tubes by closing your nostrils and gently exhaling. This will help in draining the tubes.
  • Outer ear infections
    • Medication: After thoroughly cleaning the ears and ensuring that there is no water left, apply anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial medication, which can also be bought over the counter.
    • Antibiotics: If your doctor is of the opinion that the infection is due to bacteria, he may prescribe antibiotics as well.


As mentioned in the article above, ear infections are caused due to the build-up of bacteria. This build-up of bacteria could either be on the inner. Middle or outer ear.  If you notice the above-mentioned symptoms, visit the doctor immediately. To ensure a life of Everything Health, it is pertinent that you get your ear infection checked out immediately as delay in the treatment could lead to permanent loss of hearing or the infection expanding to other parts of the head as well.

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