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Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic Cancer Care

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Even within chemotherapy, new drugs, new regimens, and new combinations are always being developed. At Kaiser Permanente, you will get the treatment that is proven to be the most appropriate for your cancer, not one based on cost, what medications are in stock, or what’s popular at the moment. (You may be surprised to know that many non-Kaiser Permanente oncologists’ pay is driven by how much, and what type of, chemotherapy they prescribe.) If infusion chemotherapy is part of your treatment plan, you’ll be cared for in beautiful, comfortable, and relaxing infusion centers staffed by nurses who provide you with personal attention. You can trust that the centers are filled with cutting-edge, computer-monitored equipment that aids in accuracy of drug prescribing, mixing and dispensing. You doctors evaluate alternatives, too, and prescribe oral- and immune-based treatments, radiation, surgery, or other options, when traditional intravenous chemo-infusion is not the best option for you.


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