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Hypertension- the silent killer that can cause more harm than you might think

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Hypertension, more commonly known as blood pressure, is the most common chronic disease termed as the silent killer. And this isn’t just a common folklore or exaggerated health scare, hypertension is like a parasite that works slowly within your body damaging it from the inside. There are a few definite reasons that justify the negative press blood pressure receives. It is a silent killer indeed and here are the reasons why:

Not so identifiable symptoms

High blood pressure symptoms are easily over masked since they resemble several other causes. Symptoms can be misunderstood and more often than not, people who have hypertension don’t even know it. The lack of obvious symptoms that would make detection of blood pressure easy contributes towards the deadlines of the disease.

Difficult to recognize the exact cause

The exact cause behind blood pressure is unknown. It can be anything from stress, poor lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits to genetic predisposition towards it. Since the exact cause being blood pressure isn’t known, it becomes quite difficult to curb the menace.

Develops slowly over time

Blood pressure is like a silent Tsunami that will be building inside your body even without you knowing it. Child Hypertension doesn’t happen in a day or week. It develops slowly over a time as a result of several causes. And before you know it, you are hit with a lifestyle altering chronic disease that needs attention consistently and constantly.


Hypertension isn’t curable but can be managed with major lifestyle changes. Since the exact cause is unknown, hypertension cannot be uprooted completely. However, the patient has to make significant changes in diet and life to manage the symptoms.

Little insight into managing hypertension

Hypertension may not be curable but is manageable and risks can be mitigated easily. Apart from medications, follow the mantra of regular walks and healthy eating habits.

Regular walks

Long walks help reduce stress, increase blood circulation of the body and shoot up the endorphins (feel good hormones). Regular long walks are the number one doctor recommended exercise to help manage blood pressure.

Dietary changes

You cannot expect to fight off hypertension if your diet involves carb-loads of junk food or a diet rich in butter, oil, sodium etc. Focus more on fresh fruits and veggies, and less on the cheesy pizzas you munch on indiscriminately. Make dietary fibres your best friend as they help you get rid of toxin build up in the guts. Replace coffee with green tea for additional benefits. Use low sodium salt although your best bet is giving up table salt altogether. Green leafy vegetables provide enough salt to meet bodily needs. Go green!

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