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How To Get In Shape At Any Pace Of Life: Ace The Healthy Lifestyle

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We are often confronted with the tussle between our busy schedule and staying healthy. The young and old alike today, are faced with a serious crisis called ‘the fast life’. Yes, willingly or unwillingly we are all dragged into whirlwind lifestyle that keeps us on our toes always. Students are busy with their schools and tuition and other activities. Adults are busy with their hectic job and family schedule. The most compromised aspect in this scenario, is our health. As compared to our previous generation, we are afflicted with much more complicated health issues as a result of unhealthy lifestyle. This blog will guide the readers to a healthy lifestyle.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

At any given point in timehealth and age can go hand in hand if the correct steps are chosen. A baby during its growing period develops all sorts of immunity in its body. If by any chance these immunity boosting cells are compromised, then the grown up adult faces health issues all through the life. It is imperative that right from our childhoods we imbibe a healthy lifestyle. All it needs is the balance between the outward habits and internal health.

Why do we put on weight?

While there are numerous reasons why people tends to gain weight.

  • Some underlying diseases can often trigger weight gain.
  • Thyroid and other hormonal misbalance is often related to weight gain
  • Obesity due to unhealthy lifestyle
  • Side effect of some steroid induced drug
  • Side effect of major surgery
  • Structural tendency to put on weight

How to stay fit in a fast paced life?

Below is given a checklist that will help individuals of any age to stay in shape:

  • Heavy breakfast with lots of fibre. Do not ever skip breakfast as it gives the body energy to work throughout the day
  • Consume any one fresh, seasonal fruit to increase immunity and protect the organs
  • Keep lunch oil free and include lots of fresh vegetable salad for that extra dose of  fibre
  • Snack on some fat free snacks like nuts or may be a big bowl of freshly popped corn
  • Dinner should be the lightest and should include healthy soup of any sort

If a person maintains the checklist for mostly throughout the year, then staying in shape will be no big deal. On the contrary, one will feel fresh, healthy and fit from inside out.

P.S. – We know it is not possible to maintain a strict diet always but trust me when I say that if you maintain a healthy diet on most days then occasional junk food will not harm.

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