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How to Cure Cancer

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Today, many people are suffering from the disease like cancer and they must be looking for the treatments that can be helpful to cure the cancer. It can be treated by the some surgeries, therapies etc. Before going to treatments of the cancer, you have to understand, is cancer can be cured?

According to the US cancer centers, cancer can be cured but not all the time. Because cured means that that disease has gone away from your body and it won’t come again.  It is also depend which type of cancer you are suffering. So have a glance below, about How to cure cancer…?

Treatments of Cancer

Cancer can be cured by some therapies like radiotherapy, chemo, and some surgeries.


In this process, immune system helps to fight against the cancer cells. It is made by many organ s like white blood cells, tissues etc. it is kind of biological therapy that is used to treat cancer.


Chemotherapy is process which removes the cancer cells throughout the body. It is kind of drug that is used to treat any diseases but mostly it is used in cancer. It is also known as chemo.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is used to shrink the tumors. It is high level of radiation that helps to kill the cancer cells. At the low level, it helps to see inside your body. It is also called as radiotherapy.

Hormone therapy

It helps to decrease or slow down the hormones that are increasing cancer. Hormone therapy is also called as hormonal therapy. This therapy is used in breast cancer. There are some side effects also of this therapy because it depends on how your body reacts to it.

Targeted Therapies

Targeted therapies treatment is similar to chemotherapy but there is one difference, Targeted therapies works on the specific area and chemo works on full body. There are two types of Targeted therapies which are Monoclonal antibodies and Small-molecule drugs. Monoclonal antibodies block an area around the cancer cells as well as Small-molecule drugs can block the procedure of increasing the cancer cells.

Gene therapy

Gene produces the many types of proteins in to the body. Basically proteins helps to control the way cells behave. Cancer cells and normal cells are not the same. They are different from each other. Genes can be changes according to the lifestyle of the person.


In this therapy, doctors used viruses which are called oncolytic viruses. These viruses help to kill the cancer cells. Virotherapy is divided in to three therapies which are Oncolytic virotherapy, viral gene therapy and viral immunotherapy.

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