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How Smartphone And Social Media Addiction Can Affect Your Mental Health

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Many of us have heard the constant debate on whether technology is a boon or a bane. Personally, I believe that technology is how we have been able to modernize ourselves and the world around us. However, like many other things, there are cons attached to technology as well.

Smartphone and social media users have grown every year since their inception. Now, we discover ourselves in a place where we cannot imagine our lives without technology. We pretty much require it in every sphere of our lives. Technology has also been able to connect people across the world in an instant, which some believed would never happen.

This, however, brings forward one of the most troublesome cons of technology, i.e., smartphone and social media addiction. Nowadays, even kids aged 8 are operating cell phones, and everyone is getting addicted to it. This cell phone addiction is not good as it can have serious consequences on a person’s health.

Cell phone and social media addiction facts

Smartphone and social media addiction is a phenomenon that has grown and will keep growing across the world. It is also said that a person on an average spends at least 2 hours on his or her phone. Below are a few smartphone and social media addiction facts so as to showcase such addiction has evolved.

  • According to recent studies, there are close to 3.1 Billion social media users across the globe.
  • Out of the above,, 210 Million users are said to have internet and social media addiction.
  • Teens who spent more than 2 hours a day on social media are said to most likely have depressive symptoms.
  • The addictions are most common in young girls.
  • 71% of people sleep with their phones next to their pillow.
  • 10% of the teams check their smartphones more than ten times a night.
  • 50% of people who are driving while using a smartphone are usually on social media.

Signs to look out for

Prevention of any type of disease starts at home. Therefore, prevention of cell phone addiction and social media addiction is also possible at home. However, you will have to look out for certain signs in yourself or a loved one and have been mentioned below.

  • Incessant tapping and touching an electronic device.
  • Deep envy on social media post and the constant need to check them
  • Regular and unnecessary comparison between various kinds of people who are also online.
  • Withdrawal if not near an electronic device.
  • Reaching out for the phone out of habit.
  • A constant fear of missing out.
  • Being obsessed with the number of likes you get on your posts.

How they can affect a  person’s health

If a person has a cell phone or/and social media addiction, it can easily cause any of the below-mentioned problems as well which can be very detrimental to a person’s mental health. Bear in mind that this lineup is not exhaustive.

Practices you can follow to avoid such addiction

As mentioned above, such addictions can be curbed at home, and there is no reason for you to visit the doctor. The following are a few practices one can follow at home to avoid or lessen the addiction.

  • Try and not use your phone for 2 hours after waking up. Constant notifications and emails can add to your anxiety.
  • If you have been diagnosed with a mental health problem, do not put yourself in a position to see other people’s amazing lives and over contemplate on yours.
  • Try your best to enjoy your life and get rid of things that affect your mental health. This will help you see other people in posts and stories without the feeling of envy.
  • Avoid radiation of the phones as much as possible as it can to ensure low levels of radiation.
  • Switch off the phone for 60 minutes before sleeping or on airplane mode, especially if you keep it besides yourself while sleeping. This helps in reducing the exposure to radiation as well.
  • Have a fixed time to check your devices.
  • Have a phone detox session for one day on any given day of the week.


Smartphone and social media addiction is a problem that can be very detrimental to a person’s mental health. One thing has to ensure that he or she catches onto the early signs of such addiction and try the best practices to prevent it. Mental health disorders are a common occurrence with these addictions. Therefore, ensure that you are enjoying it but at the same time not overdoing it.

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