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Harmful Effects Of Cosmetic On Breast Cancer

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Cosmetics contain a variety of chemicals for performing specific functions. Cosmetics include hardeners to prevent the growth of microorganisms, antioxidants to help prevent skin damage, moisturizers to soften skin by reducing evaporation and a lot of ingredients that results in damaging the skin. Every cosmetic contains a chemical that women aren’t aware of that causes breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Causing Makeup Brands

A study from several years ago had this issue as their main theme. They revealed that preservatives found in cosmetic products could Causes Of Breast Cancer.

Parabens: A boon or bane?

Cosmetics and many skin care products such as lotions, sunscreens, and deodorants, contain chemicals called parabens. Parabens are preservatives which help to prevent the growth of bacteria in a cosmetic product, though their intention is to keep you healthy and fit. 

Another study from a few years ago sparked alarm about parabens and the possibility that these chemicals might increase breast cancer risk. Since that study, there has been much concern over the safety of parabens in relation to breast cancer.

Studies on Paraben

Upon further analysis, researchers have discovered many things about parabens.

  • The small study in the year 2004 examined breast cancer cells and discovered small amounts of parabens within those tissues. They found that parabens in deodorant reached breast cells and tissues because deodorant is applied close to the breasts.
  • Some previous studies showed that chemical parabens have some characteristics similar to the hormone estrogen, which is known to promote breast cancer cell growth.

The more estrogen a woman encounters — from taking estrogen being obese, or experiencing menopause late in life — the greater her risk of breast cancer. So it seemed to be a plausible explanation that these parabens have estrogen-like property could also increase breast cancer risk.

It might be stunning to know that the workers of hair and beauty salons who are exposed to numerous cosmetics on a daily basis also suffer from a variety of problems, including breast cancer.

Cosmetic substances that initiate breast cancer

Numbers of cosmetic ingredients have been banned over the years because of their toxicity. There are several cosmetic substances that initiate cancer are

  • Parabens:  They are found in most of the cosmetic products. They have a chemical structure similar to Estragon, excess of which may lead to the development of cancer.
  • Retinol: Use of retinol is very common in cosmetic to reduce wrinkles. These are the chemical compound which is a derivative of vitamin A. This compound causes segmentation of tissues in the organisms in the adult which results in breast cancer
  • SOY: Soy is a type of protein derived from soybeans. Phytoestrogen is the major components of soy. They produce a high level of Estragon, that may lead to Risk Factors Of Breast Cancer

Effects Of Cosmetic On Breast Cancer

There is no fate, ingredients in cosmetics that penetrate the skin to alter cells that aims to produce charismatic femininity would definitely end up inducing cancer progress (cellular action).

Every day countless women begin their day by applying cosmetics without really knowing what the ingredients entail or how this beauty product may end up causing a severe health issue.

Modern woman, today should realize the fact that blush, mascara, foundation, and many more could be the major Causes Of Cancer. The ingredients found in various type of cosmetic products (parabens, retinol, and soy) are related to numberless methods of breast carcinogenesis, including the enticement of pernicious material (hyaluronic acid and estrogen).

This could also litter the human body and the inclination of cytologic malfunctions (mitochondrial dysfunctions and chromosomal aberrations).

Cosmetics that beget breast cancer development is simply constructed using materials that are launched with positive intentions but fail to be recognized as dangerous, nonetheless too much of a positive commodity can become negative.


Everything Health-related issues should be taken proper care of. Your beauty should not come at the cost of your health. No beauty is worth a breast cancer. From today onwards avoid using cosmetics with a lot of harmful substances and ingredients that might result in the various issue. While you go out to make up shopping, read the ingredients used twice.

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