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Get Your Shoulder Pain Diagnosed At The Right Time For Better Treatment

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A human shoulder is made of several joints that combine with tendons and muscles. The three bones are humerus that is an upper arm bone, scapula that is a shoulder blade and clavicle that is a collarbone.

This joint allows our arm to move n different directions. From scratching your back, throwing a perfect pitch, and doing other activities are impossible without this combination of joints. But when shoulder pains, it makes life harder as it obstructs you to practice daily activities.  Shoulder pain is an ordinary problem that can hit people at any age, anytime.

Before we jump on the types of shoulder pain, it diagnosis and easy preventions, let’s first understand the anatomy of a human shoulder.

A human shoulder is made of three bones. Now, Everything Health is sharing the types, diagnosis, and prevention of shoulder pain.

Types Of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is basically of four types as given below.

  • Tendon tear or tendon inflammation (bursitis or tendinitis): Tendons are thick cords that join our muscles to the bones when tendons get hurt, it is called tendon inflammation.
  • Instability: Sometimes human as muscles, ligaments, or bones become weak and causes instability in bones.
  • Arthritis: It is not one disease; it includes 100 types of pains. The shoulder arthritis is a painful condition that affects the joints of your shoulder.
  • Fracture (broken bone): Fracture simply refers to the broken bone that causes pain. There can be various reasons behind broken bones.

Apart from the above types, there are some fewer common types of shoulder pain also exist. But such pain occurs only in the cases of some other disease such as tumors, infections, and nerve related issues.

Shoulder Pain Diagnosis

If you’re facing extreme shoulder pain, visit your doctor immediately and get a proper examination and medical care. However, if the pain is not too much and you’re likely to control bear it, then it is better to wait for a couple of days. If the pain doesn’t go away within 2 days, then you can consult with your doctor.

In the case of shoulder pain, generally, doctors conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the cause of your shoulder pain and to provide you with proper medical help. There are a few things that help the doctor to diagnose your shoulder pain and its type. Some main factors to keep in mind while diagnosing shoulder pain are the following:

  • Medical History: While diagnosing shoulder pain, your medical history matters a lot. The first and foremost question to diagnose shoulder pain is when the pain occurred first? Then, you’ll also be asked if you ever experienced any sort of injury or other issues related to shoulder. If the pain is chronic, then the previous ways of cure also matter. All these factors of your medical history help your doctor to understand the causes and type of your pain, which further help to treat it better. Saying that medical history is the most important tool in diagnosing shoulder pain wouldn’t be wrong.
  • Physical Examination: Other than the medical history, a physical examination is also an important tool to understand shoulder pain, better. Your doctor can diagnose your shoulder pain and it causes physical abnormalities such as welling, muscle weakness, or deformity, and check for tender areas. Physical examination also includes the range of your arm motion.
  • Test: If medical history and physical examination don’t work, the doctor diagnoses your shoulder pain with the help of test. These test can be varied depending on your symptoms. Common tests include Computed tomography (CT) scan, Electrical studies, Arthroscopy, Arthrogram, X-rays, and Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound. These test can test your internal issues and injuries.

Shoulder Pain Prevention

The shoulder is the most crucial join that helps our body to perform important everyday activities. This is one join that gets a real workout; you move it every time you perform some physical task. You can do all these efforts because a healthy shoulder helps you to do it all. Imagine if it gets hurt? Sounds horrific right? So it is better to prevent shoulder pain.

  • Avoid lifting too much weight.
  • If you start exercising, start with easy ones.
  • Never give sudden pressure on your shoulder.
  • Do not keep your shoulder in the same direction for so long.
  • Do not hang heavy bags on a regular basis.
  • Sometimes, shoulder pain can also occur due to uncertain reasons, like an accident, so be careful about such things.


The shoulder is an important part of our body if it gets hurt; it can disturb your entire routine. It is really important to care of your shoulder because if you don’t treat your shoulder injury on time, it can cause you a lifelong pain. Sometimes, shoulder pain can be normal and caused by some common reasons, but in some cases, it can be dangerous. So all you need is to obtain it diagnosed on time and to get proper medical treatment if needed.

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