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Food For Irregular Periods And Their Treatment

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Irregular periods (oligomenorrhea) generally occurred because of hormone imbalance, hormonal changes at the time of the Menopause, or due to endurance exercises.

Irregular periods  also includes the following :

  • Amenorrhea –In which a woman’s periods have stopped completely. If periods don’t occur for 90 days or more is considered irregular periods.
  • Oligomenorrhea- In this, the menstrual cycle will be the infrequent opposite of regular menstrual cycle which has a particular time period.
  • Dysmenorrhea –It is painful periods and severe menstrual cramps. Mostly woman’s feel discomfort during the cycle is totally normal.

Symptoms Of  Irregular Periods

Here is a list of some early symptoms of irregular periods that will be seen when the time duration of regular period extended. Try to examine the symptoms carefully and treat it accordingly.

  • Oligomenorrhea is typically polycystic ovary syndrome, i.e. (PCOS) it mainly occurs in women in their fertile age.
  • Obesity, insulin resistance, and hyperinsulinemia are strongly associated with PCOS.
  • Infertility and type 2 diabetes also lead to oligomenorrhea.
  • Likely to be 31% of women is suffering from the hypothalamic dysfunction
  • High blood pressure and thyroid can be listed as a symptom of irregular period.
  • Oligomenorrhea main symptom can be higher BMI  and insulin levels as compared to the women with normal menstrual cycles.

Irregular Periods Treatments

Irregular period treatment is highly required according to its symptoms.

  • Irregular periods that occur during the time of puberty or when a woman reached menopause generally do not need any treatment.
  • When irregular bleeding occurs due to contraception, and it will continue for several months it needs doctor concern.
  • If PCOS, overweight, or obesity, Weightloss also helps in stabilizing menstruation. When a body loses weight means the body does not produce proper insulin. Which leads to lower testosterone levels and also a high chance of ovulating.
  • Psychological therapy also helps in emotional stress, relaxation techniques, stress management, and talking to a therapist.
  • In Mild to moderate pain or cramps will be relaxed by taking an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.
  • If you are experiencing heavy bleeding, an iron-containing supplement will be helpful to prevent/treat anemia.
  • Also Make appropriate diet, lifestyle and stress-reduction changes first.

Foods Irregular Periods

Everything Health says woman’s suffering from irregular periods should include these  foods in  their diet  like :

  • Turmeric.
  • Aloe vera.
  • Ginger.
  • Red raspberry.
  • Sesame seeds.
  • Asafoetida.
  • Buttermilk.
  • Carrot juice.

Here are some foods for irregular periods.

  • Salmon helps in period cramping. It is also is rich in high-quality protein, in B vitamins, which make you gain more energy from the food you eat.
  • Bananas contain magnesium, potassium, and fiber. Magnesium also helps in relaxing the muscles.
  • Dark chocolate and healthy organic dark chocolate. Chocolate is the best period of comfort food in periods.
  • Broccoli is rich in fiber which reduces bloating .and it also contains magnesium and potassium like bananas.
  • Oranges contain vitamin D and calcium. Helps in relieving anxiety and depression .also contain fiber.
  • Watermelons, figs, and plums cover natural sugar that is lost during periods, keep you hydrated and improve mood.
  • Eggs yolk contains iron, fat-soluble vitamins, and proteins, essential fatty acids help in treating irregular periods.
  • Chamomile helps in relaxing your nerves and uterus.

As the main cause of mensuration can be listed is improper food intact. It is necessary to take a proper diet containing essential nutrients that will help in gaining Hemoglobin in your body. Thus, it is necessary to maintain regularity in your menstruation cycle because indirectly it will help in detecting your reproductive health. In case, your periods go irregular it will be a major problem if it continues for months. If you come to know about it through its earlier symptoms, firstly go and visit a  Doctor and find out the particular reason and work upon it or go with some natural treatment that will help you get back your cycle regular as before.

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