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Effects Of Addiction On A Family’s Happy Life

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There are always negative effects of addiction on a family. It could destroy marriages, create differences between family members, and drive wedges between perfect relationships. Out of all sorts of addiction, alcohol abuse is one of the most commonly prevalent in our country. Alcohol addiction is spread like wildfire among people, irrespective of status, gender, or age.

Alcohol abuse is a major problem that has affected a family’s finances, caused fights, damaged childhood, and created dysfunctional families. Almost 60-70 percent of families go through a separation because of alcoholism. Usually, a rehabilitation center or therapy could help overcome an alcohol addiction, but, the chances of it are very bleak.

Effects Of Addiction On The Family, Friends, And Work

As per the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, an alcoholic is dependent on people around him. Though, his/her drinking problems affect his work and personal relationships too. Alcohol addiction also mentally affects employers, colleagues, friends, and family members.

Below is a list of common effects of addiction on family, friends, and near ones.

  • Neglect of responsibilities – An alcoholic’s mind is only focused on relieving his needs by drinking. His cognitive functions are hampered, and his physical capabilities reduce. AT one point in time. An alcoholic does not have enough mental or physical strength to perform his duties. This is when the family starts to suffer. Neglecting responsibilities starts to create differences between the family and the alcoholic.
  • Financial Troubles – Alcoholics tend to think only of buying the next drink. They often overspend on their alcohol needs and create a financial strain on the family. There are many families in our country where the wife and children work in meager jobs to sustain their family. This is solely because the father is an alcoholic who spends most of his money on his addiction. Apart from alcohol, an addict’s spending becomes very erratic under the influence of alcohol. Many families have to suffer a major financial setback due to addiction.
  • Work stress – An alcoholic has reduced physical and mental abilities to perform at work. Workplaces do not encourage employees who come with a never-ending hangover or drink during work hours. Severe addiction results in either of the two, and in many cases addicts have to quit because of their inability to overcome alcohol addiction. Work pressure further gives them a reason to continue being dependent on alcohol for mental peace. Relationships with work colleagues and employers are severely damaged due to addiction.
  • Deteriorating health – Families have to face another issue due to alcoholic addiction of one member. An addict has reduced immunity and has higher chances of developing a serious disease. This not only adds financial strain but needs nursing. Family members spend time and energy in looking after the addict, only to find him go back to drinking and deteriorating his health further.
  • Hit on social life – Alcohol abuse results in the addict prioritizing alcohol over everything else. An addict slowly stops spending time with family and friends and shows less work productivity. Over time this habit of depending on alcohol for support than family or friends makes the person more socially avert. Relationship with everyone the person’s social network is strained,

Symptoms Of Alcohol Addiction On Family

There is definitely stress within a family because of addiction. Spouse is the one who suffers the most in the family. Drinking flares up problems between partners, especially when there are health and financial issues arising. Some of the most common symptoms of addiction on the family are:

  • Rise of marital conflict and problems often leading up to separation.
  • Cases of infidelity where the addict’s spouse seeks support in another.
  • Domestic Violence is common as alcohol damages the person’s ability to make rational decisions.
  • Financial Instability is often seen in an addict’s family.
  • Stress is commonly found in other members of the family because of the negative atmosphere.
  • Child’s mental growth hampers because of the family’s troubles with alcoholism.
  • The poor performance of a child at school due to a distraction at home.
  • Children become violent or aggressive.
  • Alcoholic addiction at home could be the stem for many mental ailments for children.
  • Depression and suicidal thoughts are common occurrences among family members.


Addiction is difficult to control, but it is not impossible. Therapies and rehab are the only way to emotionally strengthen an addict and push him/her to leave drinking for good. Overcoming alcohol addiction is important for a family to live happily and Everything Health life. If there is an addict in the family, other family members, including children, should also go through therapy to Treatment For Alcohol Problems.

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