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Easy Diagnosis for Child Hypertension – Don’t let it go undiagnosed

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With obesity plaguing the children across the globe, Hypertension has not now being limited to the adults. Children across the world are being prone to having high blood pressure which is not by their age, height or gender. Often hypertension in children is ignored or go undiagnosed because their blood pressure fluctuates typically due to their growth. However, if a child has hypertension and not been diagnosed, then it can affect him in his adulthood as well.

Leading causes of Hypertension in children

Obesity is just one single cause of Hypertension in children. Apart from obesity or overweight issue, there are several other reasons which cause a child to get a high blood pressure. Some of the causes are some malfunctioning of the heart or kidney. The child may also inherit hypertension due to genetics, or if he or she has any kind of hormonal issues. Children who are over the age of 6 become more prone to hypertension (primary) if they are overweight.

Are there any symptoms of hypertension in children?

High blood pressure or hypertension causes no specific symptoms,and that is why it is critical especially when a child has it. In case of emergency, there might be few signs such as headaches, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, pain in chest area, seizures and palpitations or pounding of the heart.

Risk Associated with child hypertension

Even if the child seems fit and fine if he has hypertension, the risk of stroke, kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases increases at a significant rate which is why it is crucial to diagnose hypertension in children at the right time.

Easy process of diagnosis

Diagnosing children with hypertension can be a complicated process as their blood pressure tends to spike due to their growth. But there is aspecific procedure which can be used to do the needful. It is known as Ambulatory monitoring. Here in this process, the child will have to wear a device that will continuously monitor his or her blood pressure throughout a day or so covering all the activities he or she does, which would also include sleeping.

This can give a clear idea that whether the child’s blood pressure rises due to certain events or is it continuous. If the BP spikes temporarily for some nervous breakdown like visiting the doctor can also be one such event, then it cannot be counted as hypertension. To rule out such activity and to monitor the blood pressure in the average daily life of the kid, this process is one of the most recommended ones. Once the records of the monitoring process come to the doctor, he can find out if the child has hypertension or not. If the child is diagnosed with hypertension, to find out whether it is primary or secondary, blood urine tests are done along with an echo cardiogram and ultrasound to check for the root cause of hypertension.

In the US, more than 75% of the children having hypertension go undiagnosed in their childhood which leads to severe hypertension and other chronic diseases in their adulthood. Make sure, your child is thoroughly diagnosed for hypertension,and proper treatment starts right away to control it.

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