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Diet Plans: The Means To Lead A Healthy Life

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In India, more than 12.6% of women and 9.3% of men are obese. Thus proper diet chart is very important for maintaining a proper health.

Firstly, consumption of water is an integral part of a proper diet chart. 2L of water must be consumed everyday for proper body functioning.

Remember, skipping meals won’t help your purpose, rather consuming a proper five course planned meal will keep you away from starving and provide a better body metabolism.


The quantity of breakfast must be more than the other meals. It must contain foods rich in protein. Intaking of protein reduces appetite, and thus helps to reduce weight. Foods like pulses, oats, eggs in different forms, skimmed milk, fresh fruits, sprouted beans and etc contains a good amount of protein.

Mid-morning snacks:

Including fresh fruits and green tea will be beneficial as, green tea increases metabolism and thus, helps to burn calories.


Reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet and avoid in taking too much salt, as salt increases your appetite and helps in gaining weight. Including foods like homemade dal or legumes, chapatti, veggies with chicken stew and green salad and raita or curd will be helpful. You may include a very less amount of brown rice if needed.

Evening snacks:

Try including some nuts, as this will provide you the natural oil necessary for the body. You may include veg sandwich, skimmed milk and apple. Remember, go for brown breads only.


This part of the meal must be consumed in a less amount.  Pulses, veggies, small amount of brown rice or chapatti, and soup will be a great combination.

Conclusion By Everything Health Apart from this, you must avoid in-taking junk foods and consuming more oil or butter in recipes. Maintain your work time and balance it with your meal time. Don’t compromise either of them. Also, go for some home based exercises. Maintaining all these, with a proper disciplined routine will help you reduce weight in a healthier way. 

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