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Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment Of High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

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Blood pressure is a measure with which your blood pushes the walls of the arteries. When the force is very high then it is called high blood pressure. High blood pressure during pregnancy is more than 140 mm Hg. There are several ways in which high blood pressure might affect you and your baby. If you are wondering why does this happen and how can you prevent it, read this further. High blood pressure during pregnancy is broadly divided into 3 major categories. They are as follows:

1.    Chronic Hypertension

Hypertension that occurs in first 20 weeks of pregnancy is termed Chronic Hypertension. This generally happens if the women suffer from pre-existing hypertension, before getting pregnant.

2.    Gestational Hypertension

When hypertension develops around or after the delivery, it is termed as Gestational Hypertension

3.    Chronic Hypertension with superimposed preeclampsia

This type of hypertension occurs when women experience protein in their urine. This happens with women who suffer from chronic hypertension before getting pregnant.

Causes Of High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

If the causes of high blood pressures are not managed well at a time, it is always dangerous. It is very necessary to be aware of the causes so that you can avoid it. Let us look at some of major causes of blood pressure during pregnancy.

  • Obesity or being overweight.
  • Less involvement in physical activities like walking exercise etc.
  • Consumption of alcohol.
  • Any type of smoking activity.
  • In the case of a first-time pregnancy.
  • In case of above age (generally over 40).
  • The patient is already suffering from Diabetes.
  • The genetic problem of hypertension.

Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

In most of the cases, high blood pressure during pregnancy does not usually cause symptoms. You may feel even when your blood pressure is high. Although a little amount of increase in blood pressure is not a problem you are advised to immediately tell your doctor if you experience any of the below-mentioned symptoms

  • Swelling in the body, particularly in your hands and face.
  • A rapid increase in weight.
  • Constant headache.
  • Difficulty in Breathing.
  • Pain in the abdomen.
  • Dizziness.
  • Blurred vision.

Treatment For High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Although in most of the cases a proper diet and regular exercise are helpful in treating the high blood pressure during pregnancy. But in extreme cases, medication is also required to control the blood pressure. Methyldopa and Labetol are two major drugs available that are considered 99% safe and it majorly helps to control blood pressure. Make sure that your doctor keeps the record of all the medicine you take. You should also go for your regular tests like Electronic Fatal Heart Monitoring to monitor your baby’s growth.

It is to be advised to take a proper prescription from the doctors before taking any kind of drugs. There are several drugs like ACE inhibitors, renin inhibitors that are available in the market which may negatively affect the growth of the baby.

Prevention Of High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

It is very important to understand that some of the High Blood Pressure Causes of like family history or past pregnancy history are not in anybody’s control but making some changes in our daily lifestyle and being active and aware can surely help us to reduce the risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy. Some of the ways to lower the risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy are:

  • Doing exercise regularly.
  • Eating a balanced diet that is rich in leafy vegetables and especially low in protein contents.
  • Limiting the amount of salt intake.
  • Monitoring blood pressure and go to all prenatal care check-ups.
  • Avoiding consumptions of alcohol.
  • Avoiding cigarettes.


It is not something that you need to worry a lot. All you need is to do careful monitoring and some changes in the lifestyle that can lower the risk of any type of complications from high blood pressure. Everything Health-related issues must be discussed with your doctor. Listen and trust your doctor in case of any symptom and you will be fine!

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