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Causes of Back Pain while Sleeping: Treatment and Best Sleep positions

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Do you encounter back pain, especially when sleeping? You need to count in every factor that is directly or indirectly related to sleep. Even the 9 to 5 shift can cause back pain. It is of course very important to make it matter. Even the way we sit can cause these back pain and shoulder pain sometimes. Managing these pains is the most essential part to live a healthy life. Even, young bodies go through such health issue due to heavy stress, improper or less sleep, and of course bad sleeping posture as well.

For some people, back pain can occur due to inappropriate sleeping positions too. Our body has many different joints, muscles, and bones that pair up with each other. Also, trouble in any of these can cause pain. Back pain can make your sleep worse as well. Yet, there are some exact causes of back pain that generally occurs when sleeping.

Causes of Back Pain while sleeping

•  Strain or Pulled muscle

Strain or pulled muscle can be one of the reason when you are going through a severe back pain when sleeping. You probably have lifted or twisted inappropriately, and your muscles and backbones are in trouble. If it’s a strain, make sure to get it cured, also if you are going through severe back pain then it is very essential to consult a doctor.

•   Spondylitis

This cause is a kind of arthritis. Spondylitis can begin from pelvis region or lower back and can spread throughout your back. To avoid this, you can become more active and healthy with proper exercise and diet.

•   Degeneration of Disc

Also, known as DDD. Yet, there have been no exact causes of these diseases. There are reports that say back pain can cause due to spinal tumor too. DDD can lead to injury too. When you are in the condition, it is recommended that you absolutely consult a doctor.

Here are some remedies that you can apply it yourself to reduce the back pain. Make sure that you are also following a good diet and being active along with these remedies.

Treatment and Positions for reducing Back Pain

•   It is recommended to be very careful and cautious when you are stepping out of bed after a good long sleep. We often wake up in a hurry, to rush for work. No, make sure you are not doing that. It can make your condition worse.
•   Sleep positions have to be better. Slide sleeping, back sleeping, and Stomach sleeping, are some of the best positions you can opt-in to reduce your back pain.
•   Also, make sure to have a good mattress. Ensure that your mattress is soft and comfortable enough to reduce your pain. You can even buy mattresses online, according to your comfort.

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