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Causes And Solutions Of Hair Loss After Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, women’s hair becomes thick and shiny, which can make you instantly happy, but what about the post-pregnancy hair fall? Yes, hair loss after pregnancy is a serious issue among the new moms. Here, at Everything Health, we will help you to deal with this serious problem.

Causes Of Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Why does this happen? It’s important to understand. Post pregnancy hair loss is mainly due to hormonal changes. There are possibilities of hormones falling and rising, and falling of a hormone called, estrogen, can cause major hair fall.

Actually, due to the increase of a hormone called estrogen in the body, your hair becomes very shiny and healthy during pregnancy. After delivery, the hormone level starts decreasing, causing the problem of hair fall.

But to prevent Causes Of Hair Loss In Women, women can take some measures in the house, which will further make their hair shine and dense. So, through this article, Everything Health will help you to know how to stop hair loss after delivery.

Treatment For Hair Loss After Pregnancy

A woman’s body experiences many hormonal changes during and posts pregnancy. These changes result in a lot of new things in your body, including hair fall.

The right Treatment For Hair Loss is to have a protein-rich diet as your daily regime. You can also look out for supplements of multivitamins and proteins that are easily available at the chemist. In fact, switching to organic shampoos and hair products may also make a difference.  

While you can take small steps yourself to control your hair fall problem, if the problem persists and there is a lot of falls, then consult a doctor, as excess hair loss can be caused by some hormonal imbalance as well.

Home Remedies For Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Som quick tips to prevent hair loss after delivery could include:

  • Use a good shampoo and conditioner and try to wash the hair regularly.
  • Put good quality oil to your hair instead of local oil. Apply oil evenly in the hair one night before washing it and wash the hair with shampoo in the morning, don’t forget to use conditioner.
  • Take a spoonful organic coconut oil, 25 drops of lavender oil and 25 drops of Rosary Oil. Mix all these three in a bottle and massage the scalp before sleeping and wash the head with shampoo in the morning.

Sleep well

Women’s lifestyle changes a lot after pregnancy. They themselves become so busy that neither their sleep is fulfilled, nor the fatigue is removed. But to Hair Loss Prevention, it is important to pay more attention to your sleep.

While drinking excessive water throughout the day, hair loss can be stopped. Experts believe that the more women stay away from stress, the more they will remain healthy.

Take care of your diet

To keep the hair healthy, it is necessary to include nutrients in the diet. Omega 3, fatty acids are quite beneficial for the brain and heart. Many studies have shown that omega-3 is helpful in preventing hair fall problem after delivery.

Gooseberry is considered to be the best choice for hair growth. There is enough of vitamin C in it, which prevents hair from falling. So heat the juice of Gooseberry by greasing it in the oil and massage the hair continuously, then this problem can be solved.

Eat Healthy Food To Avoid Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

While tons of food may come to you at this point in time to be consumed, we would highly suggest the below ones. These do no harm in any quantities. However, it is always suggested to get a complete diet chart from your doctor

  • Eggs – Are the benefits a hidden fact? Biotin and protein-rich food, this is really a great source for hair growth.
  • Berries – After delivery, you can consume berries in your diet. There are many beneficial compounds and vitamins that prevent hair loss.
  • Green vegetables – Eat green vegetables, especially spinach for iron. You can also use walnuts and almonds for fatty and antioxidant. Flaxseed seeds in lemonade will prove beneficial in your after delivery hair control.


Pregnancy is a really critical stage during which a woman’s body passes through a major transformation. Sometimes, such transformations leave side effects on hair and other parts of our body; one example is hair loss. In general cases, hair fall after pregnancy can be easily treated by following a healthy diet plan and with some easy remedies. But sometimes, it can leave some serious side effects on hair. So, if the hair fall is on an average then fine, but if you feel you are losing too much hair, then it is advisable to take proper treatment.

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