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Causes And Hair Loss Treatment For Women

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Hair loss is a very common condition and affects most women at some time in their lives. The scientific name of this problem is called alopecia. Hair loss is responsible for causing baldness. Baldness is a condition of excessive hair loss from the scalp. It is estimated that more than 50 percent of the women experience noticeable hair fall. One of the major cause of hair loss in women is female-pattern hair loss, which affects approximately 30 million ladies of different ages in the US. Risk factors include family history, age, weight loss, etc. Let us try to understand the causes, symptoms, and treatment of hair loss further

Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

Hair loss just not affects your scalp; at times, it does affects your entire body. It can be a result of various things like heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, etc. Before pursuing the treatment of hair loss, you must be aware of the causes. Some of them are:

  • Family history (heredity): Due to heredity, there is thinning of hair along the top of the head. This type of hair loss gets worse when estrogen is lost during Menopause.
  • Hairstyle: This is one of the most important reasons for hair fall in teenage girls as they prefer to make different hairstyles; as a result, hair roots get pulled. This type of hair fall is called traction alopecia.
  • Extreme stress or shock to the body: This reason causes temporary hair to fall. If a person undergoes extreme stress and mental tension, then there are chances of hair fall.
  • Toxic substances, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and some medications.
  • Medical factors can cause sudden hair loss, and this happens to hair in the growth stage.
  • Food habits: Increased intake of fried, spicy, sour, salty and fermented foods and excessive consumption of alcohol, tea, and coffee can cause hair loss.
  • Menopause: During menopause, there are changes in the level of hormones, which thereby results in hair fall.
  • Other factors: Excess intake of antidepressant medicines, pregnancy, and fungal infections can lead to hair loss in women.

Signs And Symptoms Of Hair Loss

Hair loss appears in different ways, which largely depends on the cause. It is very easy to identify hair loss symptoms. Some of them are:

  • Gradual thinning on top of the head: It is a symptom where your hair often recedes from forehead creating baldness. 
  • Patches of scaling that majorly spreads all over the scalp: This is the sign of ringworm and is mainly accompanied by some symptoms like swelling, redness, broken hair and sometimes, oozing.
  • Full-body hair loss: Full body hair loss occurs in various medical condition, for example, Chemotherapy Treatment For Cancer.

Hair Loss Treatment For Women

Before doing the diagnosis of hair loss doctors usually, take a physical exam and ask about family history and medical history. Some common hair loss treatment includes:

  • Doctors conduct several tests like the blood test for uncovering medical condition, scalp biopsy, pull test to identify the stage of the process of shedding, and light microscopy to determine disorders causing hair loss.
  • Some effective treatments of hair are possible, which can reduce the rate of hair loss in women. These treatments include medications, surgery to promote hair growth.
  • The major medication is Minoxidil (Rogaine). It comes in the form of foam or liquid that is to be applied on the scalp. Firstly, there is the shedding of a hair, and then new hair grow.
  • Six months’ treatment is generally required to stop hair loss in women. There is some other medication for women where treatment may include oral contraceptives and spironolactone.


Most of the baldness is genetic. As you know, Everything Health related issues can be solved by using natural remedies. Some natural remedies to treat hair fall is by applying an egg mask, coconut milk, green tea, beetroot juice, amla, etc. Hair loss can also be prevented by avoiding tight hairstyles, harsh treatments, unwanted medications, protecting hair from sunlight, and stop smoking. So prevention is better than cure. In case you undergo any hair fall symptom, consult your doctor to lead a playful life.

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