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Can We Hold Our Culture Accountable for Alcohol Addiction?

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Alcohol addiction is an influence of several factors; however, the culture or the surrounding environment of the person holds a top position in the list. You might have experienced that whenever some news about an alcohol addict person surfaces, the first influential factor we consider is his/her family or friends. Why??? Well, there’s a simple answer to this- alcohol addiction is not something that the person might have developed genetically, it is something that the person must have learned while growing up. In short, the culture has shaped the addiction.

Cultural Factors Associated with Alcohol Addiction

  • Parental Influence- This factor has a colossal impact on children as it begins at home. Studies suggest that the children of those parents who smoke or drink are two times at the risk of adopting these habits. Moreover, these children have easy access to alcohol that carves an easy path for them to adopt alcohol.
  • Peer Groups- Several studies claim that there’s a strong correlation between friends and alcohol adoption. Companionship teaches several lessons that a child might not attain from home. When alcohol consumption becomes a shared activity more often than assumed, those people are likely to get addicted to alcohol.
  • Actors/ Influencer Stars- TV actors, leaders, sportsperson or influencers leave a tremendous impact on their followers. Alcohol consumption is one such result that people tend to follow in the interest of imitating their role models.
  • Advertisements- Advertisements are attractive and hold the power of persuading the viewers. Nowadays, mobile usage is drastic and access to information related to alcohol or its advertisement is an easy getaway. Hence, advertisements or promotions contribute to the socio-cultural factors that lead to alcohol addiction.
  • Parties / Bar Culture- Non-drinkers or drinkers who are into consuming limited alcohol are often fetched by the ambiance & environment of the bars and beer parties.
  • Conflict / Negative Environment- Drinkers believe that alcohol drives them peace especially when they are in a pensive mood. Conflicts, disputes, or any sort of negative assertion increases the chances of binge drinking. And once the person starts realizing the zone alcohol has pushed him/her into, he/she has probable chances of becoming addicted.

Treatment For Alcohol Problems

According to doctors, alcohol abuse is a disorder related to the brain. Though medical science has treatments to control this condition, however, ultimately everything relies on the person’s brain. The following are the effective ways that help in alcohol addiction recovery:

  • Consult a Doctor- If you feel like drinking every time or if you feel anxious when you cannot drink then a doctor’s attention might help. The doctor can design your goals and a treatment plan according to your mental state and condition.
  • Starts Behavioral Treatment- You can connect with health professionals who can help you in manipulating your odd behaviors that lead to alcohol consumption. The inclusions of this treatment are as follows:
    • Avoidance of triggers that might lead to relapse
    • Growing the social network
    • Working towards goal achievement
    • Developing the stance of not drinking
  • Medications- Doctor prescribed medicines help in offsetting the behavior of the brain caused by the addiction of alcohol. Ensure that you use only approved medicines and your doctors are aware of the treatment combination (if any).
  • Join a Group/ Rehab- Alcohol addiction treatment at rehabilitation centers is said to have a great impact on the person’s brain. They provide group therapies and implement other alcohol recovery approaches until the person becomes free from this disorder.

Key Takeaway

Your doctor or health professional can better understand your medical condition; all you have to do is stay patient and achieve your goals. If you relapse, you have to start from the beginning again which is difficult. Treatments will work; you just need to give some time to yourself.

Usually, alcohol consumption is considered as a social celebration, but, when you cross the boundaries you can land yourself in an invited and long-strained problem. Cultural influences have encountered high alcohol consumption rates leading to bigger problems.

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