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Can Consuming Vegan Diet Benefit The Environment?

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‘You are what you eat’ was not said without a reason. The claim is backed by science and researches. Making the right diet choices can not only benefit us but also directly our environment. The environment is already submerged in neck deep pollution of every kind. Industries and our lifestyle directly adds to it. If we can be a little bit careful about our food then we can definitely usher in much needed changes.

Plant based diet Vs land intensive meat based diet

Plant based diet includes any and every part of plant based product. We have ample plant resources around the world. Yet there are places like Africa where millions of people do not have access to basic food. The reason lies deeper than we can think. It is the 21st century. Yet, how is the problem of hunger still persistent? Many people will say its politics but is not our food habit related to the crisis? It most definitely is.

The huge meat industry over the years have amplified the use of food grain to feed cattle. The livestock are fed with thousand kilos of grains to grow. Potable water is used in gallons that could have otherwise used to produce grains. It is all related, dear readers. We just don’t know it is happening because there is not enough awareness. It is high time that we take steps to stop this averting process.

Taking Vegan food is the most sustainable diet choice apt for this environment. We can immediately contribute to the slashing of green-house gases by choosing a vegan diet. The lesser demands from people will reduce the amount of production and thus reducing grain shortage. It is known that meat and dairy industry emits a lot of green-house gases, induces climate change and pollutes the air and land. All these indicate that a meat and dairy free diet will reduce these pollutants directly.

Vegan diet contributes to the natural cycle

Recent studies have shown that growing plants and vegetables are effective in cleansing the air around the area. Imagine a state where each house has an adjacent garden that produces daily required veggies. Isn’t it amazing? A small patch of land can produce enough vegetable if the garden is properly taken care of. This will also reduce the need to depend on chemically grown produce. Most importantly having a personal garden will purify the areas around the neighbourhood. The benefits are endless.

Humans shifting their diet preferences will have enormous effect in combating the overuse of land and water. The ecological balance will be maintained. Pollution will be filtered. Oceans will be cleaner. All these, if meat and dairy industry is reduced significantly.

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