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Calm Your Mind For The Perfect Sleep

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Sleep is one of few things money can’t buy. I even know people who cannot grasp the elusive feet of sleep even by taking pills. I have gone through some rough sleepless patches myself. But;

First things first….

Sleep is not something that can be forced through. You must know that ‘trying’ to sleep is the last things you should be doing. Most people panic at the thought that they won’t be able to sleep at night and they are going to have a hard day next morning. Stop these thoughts immediately.

Suggestion number one:

Do not set off the hidden alarm in your sub-conscious mind that you have sleep problems. Instead you must trick your brain into thinking that you are really tired and need some rest. The best way to do this is that practice simple breathing.

You can call it a simple meditation to aid sleep, if you like. Just lie down on your back. Relax every muscle in your body. Take a deep breath in. Hold for five seconds. Slowly breathe out on the count of 8 (somehow that is the number that brings me sleep).

Suggestion number two:

If you have a job that takes up all your time sitting at your desk, then it is a major sleep killer. I know it sounds cliche but somethings are just not meant to be. If you have sleep disorder it is probably the result of you sitting or doing your work without much physical labor.

Let me give you an example. My mom is a home maker and she slogs in the kitchen through the day, does so many other chores yet has problems to sleep. But when she tried taking a routine evening walk the Symptoms of Sleeping Disorder improved.

The thing is, your body needs the chemicals that are released when you do physical labor. Brain storming or sitting at a place does not release those chemicals. Thus find out a time to do some real work out and see the difference yourself.

Suggestion number three:

Do not use your gadgets at least one hour before going to bed. The deal is, you have to sacrifice something in order to have a sound sleep. You cannot whine about not sleeping properly and at the same time use the high radiation gadgets. At least try for a week to see if it works for you. Read books instead.

Everything Health says reading helps to bring sleep like nothing else. It is an age old trick hence fool-proof. And keep your room lights warm and preferable dark. Ambience has a different hold altogether. A dark and calm place is asleep enchanter. It brings around Melatonin secretion that aids sleep. Do try it.

Suggestion number four:

Drink chamomile tea so that it brings around sleep. Cut out on caffeine and alcohol as it can stealthily snatch your sleep. Drinking soothing natural tea or tart cherry tea can bring down a peaceful sleep in no time.

Keep a pot-pourri in your bedroom. Inhaling natural oil infused fragrance can calm your senses and soothe your nerves. Also natural fragrance is a mind soother.

Quick tips:

  • Try to eat healthy most days of the week.
  • Do not take unnecessary stress.
  • Keep your thoughts positive.
  • Take help of the calming meditation music.
  • Drink plenty of water through-out the day. Poor hydration affects sleep.

Balance is the key to getting good sleep. Often we ignore our health at the cost of earning money. Most of the busy lifestyle takes away the adequate rest time and in turn affects our over-all health. Be prudent. Never take your life for granted. Getting adequate sleep is mandatory and should not be compromised with anything.

Your sleep is in your hands. Even if you suffer from clinical conditions, these home remedies are sure to help in the long run. Hope you find this article helpful. May you have a good night’s sleep all through the year.

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