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Best Comics for Cancer Patients

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Comic books on cancer always lighten a fact that no matter what you’re experiencing, but there is something in your soul which is more powerful than that. These comics share the inspirational stories of survivors that help to kill the killers. According to Everything Health Here, we are given some Best Comics for Cancer Patients that you should read.

Cancer Owl

Author: Susie Gander

Cancer owl is a story of Perry winkle that is a great survival of severe disease. Susie Gander wrote this comic when she was in the middle of her cancer treatment. She reflects herself through the comic character.

In the comic, she is determined to have evil growth and then diagnosed with cancer. In comic, she is represented as a wonderful, vivacious and hairless superhuman who’s resolved to give disease the ass-kicking its qualities.

Self V

Author: Neelam Kumar

Self V is launched under the Healthcare Global Enterprises Limited. This comic book specially organized by the Pink Hope Cancer Patient Support Group. The Author, Neelam Kumar is also a cancer survivor who got victory over this brutal disease. Legend Amitabh Bachchan and Ratan Tata also help Neelam Kumar for funding books.

Mom’s Cancer

Author: Brian Fies

Mom’s Cancer is based on the story of young women who had three children’s. Brian Fies beautifully displays the entire struggle faced by the family. Somewhat, this comic is related to the author’s life. How Brian and her sister struggle on the way of their mom’s recovery from treatment including rounds of radiation and chemotherapy session. This is the must-read comic book that can be helpful in cancer patients.

Lisa’s Story: The Other Shoe

Author: Tom Batiuk

Lisa’s Story: The Other Shoe is a comic story of a beautiful and happy going lady who is living the perfect life with his husband. But after she discovers her breast cancer, her attractive dream is turning into a nightmare.  Tom Batiuk amazingly shows the willpower of Lisa and her superwoman spirit with funny humor. Batiuk art and skill work on this book will surely fill one with positive energy and enthusiasm.

When David Lost His Voice:

Author: Judith Vanistendael

When David lost his voice is a moving story of a cancer patient, David, and his two daughters struggle to be his strength. This astonishing and delicate story gives a ground-breaking depiction of a family battle back for life after an inconceivable misfortune.

There’s a saying that, Doctor only cures a patient but a book or comics cures the soul of the person. So reading a comic is the best treatment for healing a person physically and mentally.

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