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Back Pain Causes And Treatments During Pregnancy

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Back pain during pregnancy isn’t something new, but it still deserves a little attention and a lot of awareness. Back pain is a very common complaint from women during pregnancy, and it is obvious as you are gaining weight, your centre of gravity is shifting. This usually begins in the second half of the pregnancy. Here we are discussing causes, treatment, and prevention of back pain during pregnancy.

Causes Of Back Pain In Pregnant Women

There are many factors like hormonal or postural changes that majorly contributes to the back pain during pregnancy. Basically, the causes of back pain during pregnancy largely depends on the stage.

  • Weight gain:  Pregnancy results in an increase in your weight by one-fourth times of your original body weight. This results in the stress in your back muscles. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, women gain the following amount of weight during their early time of pregnancy:
    • 28–40 pounds (lb) if underweight
    • 25–35 lb if a healthy weight
    • 15–25 lb if overweight
    • 11–20 lb if obese
  • Stress: Pregnancy period might be full of exciting changes, but it also increases stress. Stress affects a lot to physical health in multiple ways. Taking stress is a major reason for back pain during pregnancy.
  • A shift of the centre of gravity: Your centre of gravity shifts towards your front. This shifting of weight creates muscular imbalance and also muscles that fatigue more quickly.
  • Muscle separation: There are two parallel muscle bands which are present in the abdomen connecting its middle part. During pregnancy, the pressure is applied to it, resulting in a stretch on it and its separation.
  • Hormonal Surges: Several pregnancies related hormones like relaxin and estrogen causes problems in the back. These hormones result in a decrease in joint support.

Treatments for Back Pain During Pregnancy

It might seem that back pain cannot be reduced and it is unavoidable during pregnancy. Even 10% of the times, the pain increases to such an extent that it becomes difficult to indulge in any normal physical activities. However, proper methods and treatment can help you stay away from back pain during pregnancy. Some of the ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy are:

  • Exercise daily: This helps in the flexibility of muscles and strengthens it. This eases the stress from your spine.
  • Acupuncture: It is a method to reduce pain by inserting needles to your skin. This is a very effective Chinese medicine.
  • Apply heat and cold: If your doctor agrees to it, put a bag of ice in the painful area for about 20-30 minutes. After 2-3 days, start putting up a hot bag in the same area. This helps a lot in reducing back pain
  • Opt for Chiropractic care: It involves the adjustment of body structure like a spinal column. This helps a lot in reducing pain.
  • Sit straight and maintain a perfect posture always: when you slouch, you strain your back. So always try to maintain a good posture while doing anything

Women should always consult their health care before opting for any kind of medication.

Prevention Of Back Pain For Pregnant Women

Back pain during pregnancy once started creates a lot of discomforts. Here are some prevention methods that you must follow to avoid back pain during pregnancy.

  • Practice good posture.
  • Doing gentle exercise daily.
  • Reduce stress through meditation.
  • Wear the right footwear (avoid heel, prefer shoes with good arch support).
  • Wear a maternity support belt.
  • Always move your feet first when you turn to avoid stress and twisting of the spine.
  • Don’t lift high weight objects.
  • Don’t sleep on the back instead of sleep on the side.
  • Include a small amount of physical activity in routine.
  • Consult your doctor on regular intervals.
  • Getting prenatal massages.
  • Using lumbar pillow while sitting for support.

By adopting the methods mentioned above, you can get relief from the back pain and Everything Health related issues during your pregnancy period. As early as possible, consult your doctor once you start experiencing back pain. Moreover, back pain during pregnancy usually ends after giving birth to a baby.  The pain may last hardly up to 2-weeks after delivery.

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