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Who we are

Assam Cancer Care Foundation is a joint partnership between the Government of Assam and Tata Trusts. It was set up in December 2017 to create a first-of-its-kind, three-level cancer grid in the state. The distributed care model was conceptualised by the Trusts and the Government of Assam to create patient-centric cancer institutions to deliver standardised and affordable care closer to patients’ homes. The foundation is expected to benefit 50% of Assam’s cancer patients by 2021.

Government of Assam and Tata Trusts set up the Assam Cancer Care Foundation to create a first-of-its-kind grid to address the cancer care burden in Assam. Currently, one apex hospital handles a cancer patient’s journey end-to-end. Smaller centres in different regions, interlinked with the apex centres, are proposed to be set up to handle diagnosis and care, and to shift load away from apex hospitals. This will bring high-quality cancer care closer home for patients and reduce their financial burden. Infrastructure development is being supplemented with plans to develop trained human resources, awareness and prevention programmes, and a unified technology platform to deliver high-quality care. Additionally, a state-of-the-art cancer research centre is being set up in Guwahati to focus on regional cancer types.

What we do

a comprehensive health care model

  • 32,000

    new cancer cases

    reported each year

  • 70%

    cases reported in

    late stage of disease

  • 40-50%

    High mortality rates

    among cancer patients



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