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Are You Fascinated for losing weight?

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Do you hear tons of health care providers ‘ recommendations and don’t know where to start first? Starting a weight loss program can be intimidating. Dietary changes are required to help you reduce calories, but basic healthy eating guidelines are also available to ensure adequate nutritional intake.

It can be overwhelming to start a journey of weight loss, especially when you have had multiple failures in the past. And they are even dismaying flat out. Here are tips for starting.

  • PICK YOUR GOAL –Instead of a laundry list of behaviours, which you need to change immediately, decide what you think you can change and pick a few goals. Try to implement these changes over time consistently. If you’re confident you’ve achieved a change in behaviour (e.g. reducing how often you dine out), identify another 1-2 goal. If you don’t feel ready to identify goals for behaviour change,log what you’re doing for food and exercise.Check your log after a couple of weeks to see where you can make changes.
  • PHYSICAL CHANGE – If you are struggling with weight control and also have high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, increase physical activity is one of the most significant changes to make. This will help you simultaneously control all three health problems. If you can’t do more than 10 minutes of activity at a time, do 10 minutes throughout the day in multiple sessions. You can have a target for a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate physical intensity in order to eventually work up to 60 minutes per day.
  • MEAL – If you’re a skipper for meals, your first step might be to start eating three regular meals a day. If you try to lose weight, this is very important -meal skippers tend to consume more calories all day long. Skipping meals also make it very difficult to control blood glucose. If you skip breakfast because you feel like you have no time or no appetite in the morning, try a big shake of protein instead of skipping the meal. It’s easy to digest and light enough to get you out of trouble.
  • BALANCE – The Plate Method is one of the most basic and simple meal planning tools for controlling carbs while still obtaining a balance of nutrients: 1/2 plate filled with non-starchy vegetables, 1/4 plate with heart-healthy proteins, + 1 cup of non-fat/low fat yogurt+ 1 small piece of fruit,1/4 plate with whole grains/unprocessed high fibre carbs, and milk, or yoghurt.
  • REWARD YOURSELF – Feel good for you! Celebrate with small rewards small goals. Did you skip soda all week long? Feel good and recompense yourself with a manicure. These rewards are sometimes enough to push us forward and raise our motivation.
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