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A Quick Guide To The Risk Factor And Types Of Eye Infections

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Red eyes? Pain? Eye discharge? Watery eyes? Dry eyes? Light Sensitivity? Swollen eyes? Swelling around the eyes? Itching? Blurry vision? This means you have an eye infection. Here, Everything Health is going to share the major types of eye infection; it’s significant risk factors and prevention.

Types of Eye Infections

Based on the causes and symptoms, eye-infections can be of various types. Some of the common types of eye-infections are given below:

  • Pink Eye, Or Conjunctivitis: Conjunctivitis is a common eye-infection; it is also known as pink-eye infection. This infection mostly affects kids and teenagers. Kids who spend more time in a day care center or in a classroom are more likely at risk of this type of eye infection. Infants are also at the risk of this infection, if not taken care properly.
  • Viral Keratitis: This type of eye infection generally occur when you’re already suffering from herpes.
  • Fungal Keratitis: The fungal keratitis eye-infection is associated with Fusarium fungi which are commonly found in organic matter. These fungi can invade your eye in various ways such as penetrating injury.
  • Acanthamoeba Keratitis: People who wear contact lenses on a regular basis are at higher risk of this type of eye infection. It is a serious sight-threatening infection. This is why people who wear contact lenses are always advised to be extra careful about the hygiene of their eyes.
  • Trachoma: It is another serious eye infection related to Chlamydia trachomatis. If not treated on time, this eye infection can lead you to blindness. This particular infection effects your inner eye-lid.
  • Endophthalmitis: This type of infection occur in the internal part of your eye. It is caused by bacteria. If not treated properly, this infection can become serious to the extent of surgery.

Eye Infection Prevention

Prevention is always better than cure. Similarly, eye infections can be harmful, but at the same time, are easy to prevent. Here are some really easy ways to prevent eye infections; by following these, you can avoid the risk of eye infection.

  • Wash your hands before touching your eyes.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes unnecessarily.
  • Don’t use other’s cosmetics and don’t even share yours with others.
  • If you have developed an eye infection, then don’t use the same cosmetics again.
  • Never leave your eye cosmetics in the direct contact of air.
  • Always clean your eyes before going to bed, especially if you’re wearing make-up.
  • Never make the mistake of sleeping while wearing contact lens.
  • Get your eye-lens case replaced every three months.
  • Keep changing the liquid solution and wash your case every day.
  • Always take doctor’s advice before trying any new solution for your lens.
  • Avoid getting in contact with smoke or any type of chemical fumes.
  • Avoid visiting places where irritating substances are more likes to be found.
  • Always use a clean handkerchief for your eyes.
  • Never share your spectacles with others.
  • Never use other’s eye cloth or handkerchief.

Risk-Factors For Eye-Infection

Genetic Make-up: Sharing make-up is a major risk-factor for eye infection.

  • Diabetic people: Diabetes significantly affects the human eye; people with diabetes are at higher risk of eye infections.
  • People with diabetic family history: People who might don’t have diabetes but belong to a diabetic are also at the danger of major eye infections.
  • People with Myopia: Myopia can occur at any age. If parents have it, then there are chances that the child will also develop this disease with time. Also, having myopia increases the risk of eye infection.
  • People who eat tobacco: People who eat tobacco in any form develop eye infections faster than the ones who don’t consume it.
  • People are having eye-injuries: If you have any eye-injury, then the bacteria of eye infection can harm you easily. Not only injuries, if you have any other eye-disease then also you are prone to eye infections.
  • People having dandruff in hair: Having dandruff regularly make your eyes weaker and increases the chances of you having eye-infections.
  • People by a weak immune system: People who have a weak immune system are also at a higher risk of eye infection.


Eyes are the most crucial sense organ of our body. We often don’t care about our eyes and take them for the grant. But close your eyes and imagine the world for a moment, you’ll realize the importance of your eyes. If not treated well, the minor eye-infection can turn into a major one. Life would never be same without eyes, so always follow the above-mentioned ways of prevention to avoid the risk of eye-infections and if you’re already having eye-infections get proper treatment on time.

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