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A Curse to The Already Cursed. Diabetes Is Gripping The Poor In India.

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As India is transgressing the restraints of various social problems, other demographically affecting issue starts to persist. A nemesis to quality living- diabetes is increasingly becoming a curse to the already cursed; a bane in the life of poor Indians- concludes new government-funded researches.

The Study.

Diabetes that was often considered a disease of the affluence, is now proven otherwise by recent studies. Funded by the government, recent surveys carried on a pan-India basis for the first time in large scale indicated that the disease is gradually claiming the lower strata of the society which extend to the middle classes as well. The ICMR-INDIAB study is an extensive ongoing survey carried across 15 states in urban and rural India. It derives a conclusion from the data of as much as 57,000 people, representing the nation of 363.7 million, almost comprising 52% of the adult population.

The Outcome.

No more it is that only the lavish-livers are down with diabetes. The otherwise hard-working population, of whom it is least expected to be crippled with diabetes, the same is the reality. How is it possible? The research that concluded the all total prevalence of diabetes spanning 15 states was- 7.3% of the population. The rates were different across states with 13.6% in Chandigarh and 4.3% in Bihar. Among them, the prevalence of pre-diabetic was 10.3% as per the criteria of the World Health Organization. The research also claimed that women are less likely to be diabetic compared to men. The people on whom the test was conducted were mostly unaware of the disease as they were not diagnosed previously.

Surprisingly the researchers found that the prevalence of diabetes is more likely in the urban (11.2%) areas as compared to the rural (5.2%). It must be noted that urban areas that are ahead concerning economics, diabetes was evident in people from lower socio-economic backgrounds, much like the developed countries.

The Concern.

It might sound diabetes is a common issue and is widely prevalent. To some extent, it is. However, the concern is different. Diabetes is not a killer disease in most cases as with proper diagnosis and treatment it is possible to control the same. But when otherwise, it is the cause of secondary diseases.

Why is it so?

The reason why diabetes as an epidemic is haunting the urban poor of India is because of the lack of access to proper healthcare and inability to afford for its management. The urban poor is more affected by diabetes because they are not aware of their diet — consumption of unhealthy food in long-term adds to diabetes. Apart from these, age, male sex, obesity, Hypertension, and family history have their role to play in shaping the problem.

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