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The saying, ‘ Prevention is better than cure’ is a perfect fit for those people who generally suffer from oral problems. Utmost care must be taken for the cuspid which helps us to chew the food properly for better digestion. People generally avoid the same but when the dental problems creep in, they become alert about it. This article is all about the 9 most common dental problems which can be avoided with a little bit of care of the premolar area of our body. They are as follows:

1.Cavities – It is one of the most common dental problems which people suffer from. It occurs when a food particle gets stuck for a longer period of time between two teeth. Due to the fact that it has not been cleaned for a longer time, the tooth starts to decay and break into pieces. At times, the tooth also becomes black in color. It is a very painful problem for the one who suffers from it. Dental floss should be done on a regular basis after the consumption of food to avoid cavities.

2.Sores – It is a kind of infection which occurs in the mouth of a person. It generally occurs when a person takes less amount of nutritional food. People are unable to eat properly due to sores. Regular cleaning of the mouth with clean water and intake of nutritional food can help to avoid such infection.

3.Sensitivity – Tooth sensitivity is a very common problem which is faced by almost every person in today’s world. In such a case, people feel a kind of discomfort while taking hot and cold drinks. The discomfort also occurs while brushing the teeth and even flossing. It can be treated by a dentist only.

4.Toothache – It is another common Oral Health problem which people suffer from. It generally occurs when there is a tooth decay or a broken tooth. Such a tooth often creates a hindrance during the intake of food and it aches very badly. A person must take the advice of a good dentist.

5.Tooth abscess – It is a kind of infection which occurs in the root area of the teeth. It causes discomfort while chewing the food. It is not always painful.

6.Tooth erosion – It occurs when the tooth starts breaking into pieces due to the attack of the acids. Such acids are produced due to the presence of food particles in between the teeth. Regular floss with lukewarm water can help to lessen the problem.

7.Bad breath – It is a very common oral problem. It can occur due to some dental problems, presence of bacteria in the mouth and gum disease as well. Regular brushing of teeth and flossing with lukewarm water can help to reduce bad breath.

8.Dry mouth – It is a condition in which the mouth becomes dry. It generally occurs due to the reduced production of the saliva. A dentist appointment is required for getting rid of it.

9.Dental crowding – It occurs when there is less amount of space for the proper growth of the teeth. It can also occurs when a tooth gets displaced. Consulting a dentist can help in solving such an oral problem.

Oral problems are bothersome in nature. Brushing of teeth twice in a day, flossing after the consumption of meals and visiting the dentist on a regular basis can help in the avoidance of such oral problems.

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