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4 Reasons to Go Vegan

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VEGAN is the most searched keyword trending in the internet lately. A significant ratio of the hard-core meat consuming world population is turning vegan lately. The reasons are multifarious. Most of you readers have chosen to read this as somewhere you are thinking of turning vegan. You want to browse through the pros and cons of this choice. Let me make it simple for you with Everything Health. Let me boil down the essence into four easy to understand reasons.

1. Stop contributing to global warming

Although it sound a far-fetched idea, veganism is attributed with reducing the carbon-footprint. The meal choices that humans take, creates a lot of impact on the environment. Whether the impact is good or bad, depends on our simple choices. Rearing of farm animals is known to be the highest scorer in producing green-house gases. The wastes from the huge farms contribute to making the immediate surroundings toxic. The lesser the demand of meat, the lesser the pollution from farms. Going vegan is equal to going green.

2. Save precious drinking water

It is not a new fact that the world is increasingly getting depleted of potable water. A shocking discovery reveals that farms use thousands of gallons of potable water to feed the animals. The ratio of water to meat production is disturbing. 2,400 gallons of water is required to produce just 1 pound of meat. Isn’t it mind boggling? Is wasting so much water, to satiate the cravings of our tongue, justifiable? Absolutely not. There are many alternative vegan choices that can turn the equation around. You just need the courage to take the right decision.

3. Choose the healthier option

Be smart. Eat healthy. As they say, your body is not a graveyard of dead animals. Human body uses up a lot of precious energy in digesting the complex fat and proteins from meat based diet. It makes you sluggish and adds toxins in your system. Research shows that vegan population tends to be healthier than their non-vegan counterparts. You get a healthy glowing skin and a healthy heart, free of Cholesterol when you opt for a plant based diet.

4. Stop propagating cruelty

Humans are unconsciously propagating cruelty when they are killing animals for food. Just think about it. Is the chicken or cow happily giving up its life? No, they struggle till their last breath, to remain alive. The shrieks of the animals are proof that they feel pain just like we do. Over the years, humans have created a collective consciousness where we do not associate the pain of animals while consuming them. It feels ‘right’ because we are conditioned to feel that way. But it is never too late. You have the power to opt out of a cruel diet right now.

P.S: Being vegan is a lot about compassion. It does not call for vegans to feel superior to non-vegans in any way. It is a matter of choice and realisation. The world has enough issues to fight over. This should not be another.

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